Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Smoothie King's 40 Over 40 Facebook Contest

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They're fearless marathon runners, intrepid cancer survivors, Sudoku aficionados and proud owners of a 6-pack (and we don't mean beer). They're your child's teacher, your neighbor or the checkout clerk at your local grocery store. They have strong hearts, bodies and minds ‹and they are all over the age of 40.
And since Smoothie King just turned 40, we thought we should celebrate, together.
Know someone you'd love to celebrate that's over 40 but not over the hill? You can nominate your inspiring someone by visiting Smoothie King's 40 Over 40 Facebook Contest and submitting your nominee¹s photo and short blurb about what makes him/her so inimitable.
The top 40 over 40 will win $1,000 EACH ‹that's $40,000! When you nominate you have a chance to win a $100 Smoothie King Gift Card. Now that's something to celebrate.   Taking place online via Facebook and a dedicated microsite, 40 over 40 encourages Smoothie King guests to nominate people, age 40+, who embody the Smoothie King spirit of health, wellness and strength. Guests are asked to submit the nominee¹s photo and brief story on how they are making a positive impact on their community. Smoothie King will then select the most inspiring stories, and 40 nominees will win $1,000 each to support them on their path. Those who submit will receive a buy one smoothie, get one free coupon and also be automatically entered to win a $100 Smoothie King gift card.

Smoothie King has made living a healthy, active lifestyle a priority for the past forty years and we¹ve only gotten better with age, said Smoothie King global CEO, Wan Kim. Turning forty is no longer considered taboo because of the growing awareness and education around what we need to stay fit and healthy‹from nutrition to exercise. The 40 Years Strong campaign was created to give back to those who have walked our path and who continue to inspire along the way.

40 Years Strong is the second in a string of campaigns that will roll out over the year in commemoration of the brands four decades of success. Lean into Life, which ran for six weeks in January and February, rallied fans as they participated in weekly challenges encouraging them to explore new ways to be good to themselves in 2013.

The 40 Years Strong campaign and contest will be supported with digital ads and via Facebook with a 40 Years Strong tip series for the heart, mind and body, a look backseries highlighting health, wellness and fitness trends over the past fortyyears and weekly inspirations through sharing nominees.
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Sandra VanHoey said...

WooHoo, how awesome! Thanks for the info!

Janet W. said...

That's so nice to see Smoothie King promoting health and fitness. More companies need to!

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a Smoothie King around here. Patricia