Monday, December 16, 2019

2019 Kids Gift Guide

Christmas time is upon us.  Are your lists ready?  Do you know what to get your kiddos?  Everyone is always asking me what to get their kids.  I love shopping for kids.  I like looking for the perfect gifts that will make their eyes light up.  Do you?

Well if you are still looking for some gifts ideas, here are some of my recommendations:

1)  Sesame Street - 50 Years and Counting - Who does not love Sesame Street?  350 mins of fun and learning.  I love giving DVDs as stocking stuffers.  They make the perfect gifts because you can watch over and over.

Books are great gifts to give.  Winter break is the perfect time to grab a book and read.  

2)  Three Paws - This book encourages children to be bold, make new friends. It promotes the importance of both independence and inclusivity.

3)  Ted the Friendly Frog and Santa Frog - On Christmas Eve, Ted and Brad snuggle by the fire as their father tells them the magical story of his encounter with Santa Frog.

4)  Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: A Center Stage Pop-Up Book - The Ballerina of the Realms dances on every page of this magical book!  Follow the elegant Ballerina of the Realms as she dances center stage in this artistic pop-up book, celebrating each of the unique and picturesque Four Realms.

5)  Bright Lite Inspiring a “you CAN sit with us” mentality amongst their readers and creators, BRIGHT LITE is a one-of-a-kind publication that takes shape in the form of a small, bi-annual coffee-table book.

Who doesn't like toys?  STEM toys are even better.  I love to give gifts that call for learning.

6)  Stomp Rocket - Stomp Rocket's line-up of STEM toys provide hours of screen-free fun and make a perfect for all ages! Stomp Rocket is 100% kid-powered and easy for kids to set up with no batteries required! 

I hope you find the perfect gift for your kiddos.  I have lots of wrapping to do, how about you?

Ted the Friendly Frog and Santa Frog

Does your child like to read?  Winter break is around the corner, what will your kids be doing the entire time?  My daughter loves to read.  My son was the total opposite.  He did not like books or reading.  I tried everything I could think of.  But I remember having a hard time with reading too.

Disclosure-Sample product was received for book review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Reading was not my thing.  But that is why I wanted my kids to like it.  Reading can take us places, teach us so much, and you can do it anywhere at any age.

My daughter received the book Ted the Friendly Frog and Santa Frog.  The Ted the Friendly Frog books are great for kids.  Written with kids in mind by a parent trying to teach his kid how to read. 

In the book - Ted and his brother Brad are snuggled up by the fire on Christmas Eve, waiting to hear the story of Santa Frog.  Their father tells them an incredible tale of the time he met Santa Frog, and they can't believe their ears!  A frog in a red coat, flying a sleigh pulled by nine birds, leaving presents under Christmas trees; it almost sounds too good to be true.  When the story is done, Ted and Brad can't wait to see if Santa Frog comes again that night.  Will Ted get to meet Santa Frog this Christmas?

I like the story.  I like that the book rhymes and is an easy read.  I like the lesson in the story.  My daughter liked reading about Ted and following along the adventure as each page was turned.
Scott McCall began writing short stories to help his son learn to read.  Together they wrote some stories that rhymed.  It was from this experience that the idea of Ted the Friendly Frog evolved.  Ted the Friendly Frog and Santa Frog is the third book in the series.

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