Monday, February 4, 2019

Crated with Love

February is upon us.  Did it creep up on you like it did with me?  I bearly remember celebrating the New Year.  How do you greet month two of this year?  Is it the month of LOVE for you?  or not?

Thanks to Crated with Love for providing sample for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

My mother in law gave me the best advise recently.  She said that marriage is about two people who are willing to fight for each other.  If it was easy everyone would stay married for ever.  It takes work from both, each giving an equal amount of love, passion, and devotion.  Not one giving more than the other.  She reminded me how in the beginning when we first are dating, boyfriends and girlfriends work hard to impress and win each other over.   Is it that simple?

My husband and I were having a conversation about the beginning of our relationship.  We talked on the phone for hours, daily.  We went on dates, weekly.  Month by month our relationship grew.  Thinking back, we realized how special those times were.  We both realized that over the years we had lost some of that.  Our focus went from each other to the schedules, routines, and deadlines.  Many with long lasting marriages have told us, that life is not about those things but about the one that stood by you.  I am thankful for those that continue to remind us that we have to nurture our relationship.

Do you and your partner go on date nights?  My husband and I do.  I try to get as creative as possible so that it is not the same ole, same ole thing we do every time.  But coming up with ideas can get hard at times.  Wish I had a little help...

Put it out in the world and the world answers, right?  Heard of Crated with Love?  It is a subscription box service that sends couples at-home date nights that focus on strengthening their relationship through activities and games created by a team of experts.

Sounds fun and super easy.  So, what's in the box? 

Every box shipped includes 4 or 5 date night challenges or activities along with all the items needed.  The goal being to help inspire laughter so that couples can reconnect and create quality time together.

We enjoy our one on one alone time.  It is our time to rekindle our relationship and remember how it all came together.  My husband and I love playing games.  This is what happened with our box.  

Unboxing was a mystery within itself.  Our box was cute and so perfect for us.  The challenges were so much fun for he and I.  We talked, we laughed, and talked some more.  We were able to unwind and have fun.  Play a game that had us working together.  Suddenly we were not talking about work or the kids, we were in our own space.  

This month, how about trying something different?   

Crated with Love offers a monthly date night box delivered right to your door!  It makes the perfect gift for a love one.  For more information, go to