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Issac Delgado "L-O-V-E" cd review




On August 31, Sony Masterworks will release L-O-V-E by Cuban superstar Issac Delgado. On L-O-V-E, Delgado recreates 12 sultry and sexy Spanish recordings originally sung by crooner Nat King Cole. He does so with the help of a number of outstanding musicians including a special contribution by Nat King Cole’s brother, Freddy Cole. This is the first time that Freddy Cole has participated in a tribute album for his brother.

Nat King Cole’s relationship with the Spanish language is interesting and relatively unknown. Between 1958 and 1962, Nat King Cole released his three albums in Spanish. Recorded in Cuba, Brazil and Mexico, they included hits ‘Perfidia’, ‘Quizás, quizás, quizás’, ‘Ay cosita linda’, ‘Piel canela’, ‘Aquellos ojos verdes’ and ‘Yo vendo unos ojos negros’. His Spanish albums created a new awareness for Latin-American music globally. Among Nat King Cole’s fans was Cuban vocalist Issac Delgado who grew up listening to Cole’s Spanish recordings which he felt combined Cuban bolero music with the sounds of classic American romantic ballads.

Often referred to as the “Frank Sinatra of salsa” Delgado started studying music formally at the age of 10 when he attended the Amadeo Roldán and Ignacio Cervantes music conservatories. At 18, he debuted with the Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s Grupo Proyecto, to later start playing with the Pacho Alonso Orchestra and NG La Banda. This latter contribution helped him to become one of the most important representatives of timba, a new style created from Afro-Cuban music. In 1991, he debuted as a solo artist and has since recorded a dozen albums and traveled around the world as “El Chévere de la Salsa”.

Eight of the twelve songs on L-O-V-E can be found on Nat King Cole’s three Latin albums and the remaining four, are Cole classics that Delgado reinterprets in Spanish by infusing his own personal style and Latin Jazz elements into each one. A charismatic musician, Delgado transforms these 20th century classics into 21st century masterpieces while staying true and authentic to his Cuban roots.

Of the recordings Freddy Cole says, “A good song can become the shortest way between two hearts, especially when the best singers and performers hold our hands to take us there. Issac Delgado belongs to this generation of stars. He successfully and newly versioned, for a new generation of listeners, the essence and the spirit of the classic albums my brother recorded from the late fifties. It’s been a great honor and a true pleasure to be part of this recording. This is the kind of music that always fills our hearts”.

The album features a long list of guest musicians including music director and pianist John di Martino, contrabassist Charles Flores, drummer Dafnis Prieto, percussionist Pedro Martinez, guitarist Romero Lubambo, clarinet and saxophone player Ken Peplowski, trombonist Conrad Herwig and trumpeter Brian Lynch. The stellar array of musicians also includes the great Cuban singer Xiomara Laugart “La Negra”, and Issac Delgado Jr. as backing vocalist. L-O-V-E was produced by Nat Chediak, Delgado and Fernado Trueba. L-O-V-E is a Calle 54 Records production released by Sony Masterworks in the U.S.


1. Perfidia

2. Quizás, quizás, quizás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)

3. Tiernamente (Tenderly)

4. Ay Cosita Linda

5. Suas Maos

6. A Su Mirar Me Acostumbre (I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face)

7. Piel Canela

8. Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Green Eyes)

9. L-O-V-E

10. Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros

11. Hojas Muertas (Les Feuille Mortes)

12. No Tengo Lagrimas (Nao Tenho Lagrimas)

U.S. Tour Dates (partial list, more to be confirmed)

9/7 Triple Door Seattle / WA

9/8 Anthology San Diego/CA

9/9 Conga Room LA / CA

9/10 Yoshi’s Oakland / CA

9/11 Yoshi’s Oakland / CA

9/12 Yoshi’s Oakland / CA

9/13 Kuumbwa Jazz Center Santa Cruz / CA

9/24 Concert Hall NY / NY

My thoughts-This music took me back to the days when my grandma use to be alive. I love listening to this type of music. It has soul and a spirit. These are Nat King Cole's signature songs in Spanish with Isaac's Cuban flair added to them. Nat's brother Freddy collaborated in this cd as well. I like the sultriness of the music, and loved Isaac's voice. I loved all the songs.

***Disclosure-I received a copy of Issac Delgado "L-O-V-E" cd to review. No monetary compensation was received. These are my honest opinions as a music lover.

Friday, August 27, 2010

DOLE Frozen Smoothie Party

With my wedding around the corner I have been on crunch mode to get into my wedding dress. I have tried it all from eating right to exercising. I have alot fo wonderful friends and family around me who have been supporting me. Thanks to their support I am getting closer and closer to my goal. One of my favorite meals/snacks I love are smoothies. I never knew how good smoothies could be. One problem I had though was buying too much fruit and it going bad by the end of the week. Urghhh, waste of money, and I don't like wasting money. I tried frozen fruit. It works perfect. It doesn't go bad. It make my smoothies taste better. And there are so many varieties to choose from. Dole frozen fruit is great for smoothies. They have a variety from Blackberries, Blueberries, Dark Sweet Cherries, Mango, Pineapple Chunks, Raspberries, Sliced Peaches, Sliced Strawberries, Sliced Strawberries in Sugar Tub, Whole Strawberries, Wild Blueberries, Wildly Nutritious Mixed Berries, Wildly Nutritious Mixed Fruit, and Wildly Nutritious Tropical Fruit. My favorite is strawberries. This is how the package looks. It is located in the frozen food section. I was very excited to find out that Dole had picked me to be a Dole frozen Smoothie party host. I hosted a party and shared tips with friends and family. We made healthy smoothies and tried different recipes. Here is some of the information I shared with them:


· Here’s a little secret: with DOLE Frozen Fruit, there’s no need to add ice to your smoothie. It’s already naturally cold and delicious!

· Unlike pre-made smoothie mixes that can be surprisingly unhealthy and lack variety, DOLE Frozen Fruit allows you to tailor your smoothie to your tastes exactly! And you’ll be catching up on your daily fruit and vegetable servings at the same time.

· Smoothies made with DOLE Frozen Fruit are also a great way to take and keep extra weight off, especially during (gasp!) bathing suit season. Naturally fat-free and low-calorie, DOLE Frozen Fruit helps you and your family stay happy AND healthy.

· Here are a few smoothie recipes to get the creative “juices” flowing! And you can find many more varieties at
· Orange Peach Smoothie with DOLE Frozen Peaches
· Pineapple Berry Smoothie with DOLE Frozen Strawberries or Raspberries


· Using DOLE Frozen Fruit is a more economical way to cook since you can use a little and save the rest for later, ensuring nothing goes to waste!

· DOLE Frozen Fruit is more uniform in size and flavor, which optimizes recipe outcomes.

· DOLE Frozen Fruit is ideal for toppings, baking, fruit salads or simply as a healthy snack.

· DOLE Wildly Nutritious Heart Healthy Mixed Fruit is a colorful mix of pineapple, strawberries, peaches, honeydew and mangoes.

· DOLE Wildly Nutritious Immunity Blend - Tropical Fruit is a delicious mix of pineapple, mango, golden kiwi, papaya and strawberries.

· DOLE Wildly Nutritious Antioxidant Blend is a nutritious mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Each serving of DOLE Wildly Nutritious Antioxidant Blend provides double the industry standard of effective antioxidant activity.

Thanks to Dole for sending us a great party pack to make this party an awesome experience. We had such a good turn out. Everyone enjoyed their smoothies. THey all loved the taste of the frozen fruit. Even the kiddos love drinking their smoothies. Including in my party pack were coupons which I passed out to all the party guests. I love sharing healthy information with friends and family. Smoothies are healthy. They can be great snacks for the entire family. Even if your kids dont like some fruit. We have smoothies are workouts as well. Everyone attending my wedding will now be wedding ready with these tips

Educational Videos on "Baby Steps" to Natural Living at


Don’t miss JOHNSON’S Baby new website with educational videos on “Baby Steps” to Natural Living at

1. Tips on How to adopt a Naturals Lifestyle with Kristen Chase

Founder of Cool Mom Picks:

English Video:

2. How to Build a Natural Nursery with Sara Snow

Author of Sara Snow Fresh Living:

English Video:

3. Be Out There, Take the Fun Outdoors with Holly Ambrose

Author of Tropic of Moms:

English Video:

***Disclosure-This is an informational post only. I did not receive any compensation for passing this information to my readers.

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Oct 19 2010 The Showbox @ The Market Seattle, WA
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Oct 22 2010 The Grand Ballroom @ The Regency San Francisco, CA
Oct 23 2010 House of Blues Anaheim, CA
Oct 24 2010 House of Blues San Diego, CA
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Oct 30 2010 La Zona Rosa Austin, TX
Oct 31 2010 Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK
Nov 2 2010 House Of Blues Houston, TX
Nov 3 2010 House Of Blues Dallas, TX
Nov 5 2010 House Of Blues Orlando, FL
Nov 6 2010 The Ritz Tampa. FL
Nov 7 2010 Revolution Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Nov 9 2010 Center Stage Atlanta, GA
Nov 10 2010 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC
Nov 11 2010 The National Richmond, VA
Nov 12 2010 Rams Head Live Baltimore, MD
Nov 13 2010 Theatre Of The Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
Nov 14 2010 Theatre Of The Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
Nov 16 2010 Webster Theatre Hartford, CT
Nov 17 2010 House of Blues Boston, MA
Nov 18 2010 Nokia Theatre Times Square New York, NY
Nov 19 2010 Paramount Theatre Asbury Park, NJ
Nov 20 2010 Crocodille Rock Cafe Allentown, PA
Nov 21 2010 Club Zoo Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 23 2010 House of Blues Cleveland, OH
Nov 24 2010 Clutch Cargo's Pontiac, MI
Nov 26 2010 The Rave Milwaukee, WI
Nov 27 2010 House of Blues Chicago, IL

five simple things you can do for your child to help keep their smiles healthy and bright

Kids and candy, huh? Dentist bills and alot of dollars, huh? Yeah, I know where is this going. Do you have problems with your kids and their teeth? I use to. My son had a $2000 problem in his mouth because mommy dearest allowed it all but now i have learned.

Five simple things you can do for your child to help keep their smiles healthy and bright-

1) Sugar allowance. I make koolaid at home so I know how much koolaid is being added to my son's diet. I don't allow him to add too much sugar to his koolaid or water. If you start now, they will never know the difference, and by the time they do they will know better. Our neighbor made koolaid with no sugar, it was nasty. But her kids has zero cavities.

2) Limit sodas or sugary drinks. My son is only allow 1 per day with a meal. SO he can't just go tothe fridge and grab a soda. He has to save it for his meal, most of the time he just grabs water.

3) Water. Water is good for hydrating the body. Alot of kids dont know why water is important. We keep water at home in a filtered pitcher in the fridge. When we go places we take water bottles. And us as parents, make a habit of drinking water to set an example for our kids.

4) Limit sweets and candy. We do not purchase candy when we are checking out at the store. Nor do we grab sweets at the movies. When my son goes to a party and they are given candy he is allow to get some candy and put the rest up. Most of the time he forgets all about it. At Halloween, we go trick or treating, he gets a handful for him, and the rest we give away.

5) Education. Teach your kids about their teeth. I buy my son the rinse that makes his teeth blue. He has to brush his teeth to remove all the blue gunk. Find a fun dentist. My son has always been scared of the dentist. But now he is not. He goes on his yearly visits, and does great. Kids listen to parents even if you think they are not listening. My son brushes his teeth before he goes to tell us goodnite. And in the mornings, i get a big kiss from him so i know he has brush with his cool mint breath.

Here are some healthy facts:

Chewing Trident sugar free gum for 20 minutes after a meal can help fight cavities.
Xylitol, a sugar free sweetener in Trident, has been shown to loosen plaque.
Trident is available in 11 great flavors so kids have lots to choose from!
Brush: Remind children to brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time, using no more than a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste.
Eat: Nutritious foods are an important part of keeping children’s smiles healthy and their teeth strong.
Floss: Have children gently floss once a day to remove food that can get stuck between their teeth and sticky plaque that forms on their teeth. Brushing alone cannot reach all of the surfaces on a tooth.
Avoid: Try to avoid overindulging in sticky and sugary foods. When kids do have a special treat, make sure they brush and floss afterwards.
Routine: Remember to get regular dental check-ups. Have them visit a dentist twice a year to make sure that they are taking good care of their teeth and gums.

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Ten Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

What is a baby shower? A baby shower is a party thrown for a new mom to be. It is when you shower this person with all the things they may need for their new baby. I love throwing showers for friends and attending them. And since I love to throw parties anyways I have learned a thing or two, here are some of the things I have learned that make a perfect unique but fun baby shower. This wont be your moms old baby shower.

1) Pick a theme. Like any party the theme makes the party. My shower many years ago was Noah's ark. My friend's recently was the jungle. She was having a baby boy. The king of the jungle was arriving. Even the cake had a lion on it.

2) Food. Now that you have picked a theme have your food go with your theme. If you are having a monkey theme, have bananas in your dishes. Plantain, banana splits, banana pudding, etc...or ask guest to bring creative dishes, the most creative gets a prize. I would keep the food light if ou are throwing the party yourself. It more than one person, break the duties between each other. Or have a potluck shower, where everyone brings a dish to share.

3) Surprise. I love surprises. So if you are planning to throw a baby shower make it a surprise. Get the daddy involved, and surprise the mommy to be. Everyone loves surprises. I am a hrad person to surprise but I love them.

4) Games. This is a big one. Games makes a party happen, so get a lot of fun games to play. I like playing the sock game. In the invitation ask everyone to bring a pair of new baby socks. When guest arrive throw all the socks in a basket. Ready to play. Everyone gets 1 minute or you can time everyone. Their task is to pair up all the socks or as many socks in 1 minute. This is fun. Another fun game is to get a small laundry baskets and fill it with baby items. Have the guest wear a cover on their eyes and guess what is in the basket. This one is timed as well. I like playing the dirty diaper game where you get baby food and smush it on a diaper. Each diaper gets a different flavor. Guests have to figure out which is which. You can also play the guest the baby food game. In small cups serve baby food, have the guest taste each one and write down the flavor. Fun, Fun, fun!! If you are inviting daddys to the shower. Have small dolls and have the daddys change diapers and change clothes see who does it the fastest against the daddy to be. Set up an obsticle course with different things for the daddys to do. Get the diaper bag ready, get baby in car seat, feed the baby, change the diaper, time. See who does it the fastest.

5) Place. Never have a baby shower at the mommy to be's house. They have alot to deal with. Find a fun place to have the shower at. Throw it at your house or grandma's, so that the mommy to be doesnt have to be stuck cleaning. Also remember this mommy might not get out much after the baby comes. SO lets have fun.

6) Something old, something new. I love gently used handme downs. Have each guest bring anything used that their kids may no longer use that the new mommy to be may be able to use. My friend gave me a bag full of baby clothes with tags that her baby out grew. Have a laundry basket for those used items.

7) Pamper the mommy. At my baby shower, I was given gifts for mommy. Everyone always gives gift for the baby but what about the mommy. I received socks for the hospital, and a gown. I did know that i would need them but I did.

8) Throw the daddy a shower. The dads always get left out. Throw daddy a diaper shower. We had a shower for a friend. It was all guys. They came over to watch a game brought a case of beer and a case of pampers. My friend did not need pampers until the baby was 7 months old.

9) Tell All book. Have all the guest write advice on a sheet of paper. I was a new mom and knew nothing about babies. This will help. On my sheet of paper i would write about burping a baby, purse organizing/doubling as a diaper bag, etc...useful tips that you would think would help another mom. Things that happened that you knew nothing about. These will be like letters to the new mom. She can read them. You can make them funny stories that happen to you. Wisdom from the mommas.

10) Unique to be different. Ask the mommy what she wants. You dont want to upset a preggo mommy. So ask her what she would like. Maybe a party is not in her schedule. Have everyone pitch in, get giftcards, and meet for her for brunch. Make her happy. Instead of having her register have everyone meet at Babies R Us, treat the mommy to a shopping trip. She will get everything she needs in one trip.

I hope for my next baby to have the best baby shower. I had 2 showers when I was having my son. The 1st one, no-one showed up. It was right around Christmas and everyone had to work. It was just my mom, daddy's sister, and a neighbor. But my next shower made up for it. My co-workers surprised me at work. I normally took a break around 10 am. As I walk into the breakroom all my co-workers are in there. I had so many presents. They all pitched in and got me something of everything. By the end of the day, my son everything from a crib to a full year worth's of clothes. It was a great surprise. They went with my animal theme from my first shower. I was even given a mum. The person who made it gave it to me for good luck. She said it had been passed down from person to person for good luck. All the items on there were from past baby showers. She gave it to me like passing a baton or torch. It was my turn. I thought this was special. So when we threw a baby shower for my sister in law. I passed down the mum to her. I explained the story to her and told her I was know passing the baton to her. Things like this make a shower special. Like I said, it's about the family who is about to receive a new bundle of joy.

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Tiny Prints helps you get together, keep in touch and share your love—one little card at a time. Tiny Prints was started in 2003 by three friends and a dream. With a shared a love of babies and an affinity for beautiful paper, they set out to create a stationery company that would offer the experience of a local boutique with the ease of an online retailer. Specializing in the celebration of all of life's special occasions, we're thrilled to offer a fresh selection of exclusive designs, from birth announcements and baby shower invitations to personal stationery and more, delivered with the best customer service you can find online or in stores.

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Favorite Family Time Ideas

I was ask to share 5 of my favorite family time ideas. With summer ending and school starting, family time can be hard to get with all the busy schedules everyone has. But I like to schedule family time.

My first favorite idea is to schedule a movie night. Pick a day, we pick Friday nites. Take turns picking a movie, Redbox movies are $1. Stock up on popcorn, pickles, and drinks. Have a fun night.

Another great idea is having game night. We like to have a game night once a month with all our close friends and their kiddos. Everyone brings a game to play and a snack to share. Take turns going to different houses, or host your own night. THe kids really like this, especially mine who is an only child.

Get out of the house for my next idea. Go to a park, walk around in the neighborhood, work in the garden. My son and I take walks around our neighborhood. Sometimes he rides his bike and other times he helps cut the grass. Just get out.

Plan a small staycation. Find a place near you, like a lake or a beach. Pack a lunch or a picnic. Grab some frisbies, volleyball, and have some fun in the sun. We love to go to the beach. We invite friends with kids and grab our coolers.

Last but not least take advantage of the freebies around town. Here in Houston the Children's Museum is free every Thursday nite. There are places that offer free nites, or admission. Find them in your city and have fun!!

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Safe Social ..parents

As a parent, your children's safety is your first priority. But in today's digital age, what can a parent do to protect their kids online as well as off?

These days, your teens' "friends" aren't just the kids hanging out in your family room - they're also the hundreds of contacts on their online "friend" and "buddy" lists. Did you know that more than 50 million teens (ages 13-17) are online worldwide? Or that the average number of "friends" on a list is 130? The totals are much higher for many teens.

SafeSocial, a new AOL product that launches today, can help you protect your children, even if you aren't a social media expert. SafeSocial helps you:

· Find out where your child has online accounts
· Know who your child is "friends" with online
· Get notified if your child is in a conversation about violence, suicide or drugs
· See photos your child has posted online, and others' photos in which your child has been tagged

Another benefit? You can monitor all this activity without being a "helicopter parent." Your child will have to agree to be monitored, but you won't need to connect with them on the social media accounts, or hover over their shoulders in person.

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A month before the wedding...

No, I am not hearing the bells just yet. I wanted to update you on my weightloss fail and conquer issues. So after being on a diet, and exercise regimen for over 7 months now, I am finally starting to feel it working. Yes, I know just bearly now is when you can walk into the store and grab your size and it fits. No struggles, no fuss, no going bigger. I have not tried my dress on again but in 2 weeks, I will step into my dress and let's hope it zips. I have had great support from my bestfriends, and family. Everyone around has joined in the struggle. We are all on a diet, and exercising. For those who are having a hard time, I feel you. But I recommend telling your loved ones how you feel. Losing weight is hard, not reaching your goals can crack a person. I have cracked many times along this road. I am not where I want to be or where the doctor says I am suppose to be. I am still considered obese for my height and age. Obese is a very mean, harsh word.
Let me tell you a funny story that happened at my wedding shower...A friend who had not seen me in almost a year walks in through the front door. As I am talking and saying hi to them, she is looking around. I am standing in front of her but she doesnt recognize me. Last time I saw her I was wearing a 14 size dress

in a wedding we were both in. She said she heard the voice but could not find me. Funny I know. All in all I am so happy to be where I am at. Thanks to everyone. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chevrolet is looking for rockin' dads

Just wanted to let you know about a Dads-only contest....

The contest will run online from Aug. 24-Sept. 27 and Dad Bands can submit an MP3/YouTube link to enter. After checking out all the entries, we’ll select five bands to receive a Chevrolet vehicle loan, a trip to the State Fair of Texas, and play at our Battle of the Dad Bands. At the State Fair, music industry experts will judge the five bands and award the winning band VIP passes to SXSW Auditorium Shores and an opportunity to see a live taping of Texas Music Scene’s TV program.

To enter:
• Go to between August 24th – September 26th
• Submit a photo of the band with a video or MP3 file
• Get your fans to vote, or “like,” your band.

Important Dates:
• Enter your band from August 24th thru September 26th
• The Top Five Bands will be chosen on October 4th
• The Battle of the Bands will occur on October 16th, where the winner will be announced

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Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

Now a days kids have lost all the values our parents taught us back in the days. I don't even think I learned most of them. I love watching Little House on the Prairie with all the innocence in those times, we need to return to those times and pass those lessons to our kids. They are our future.

Here are 5 lessons I think every kid should learn-

1) Respect your parents. Many kids now a days have lost respect for their parents. So when they hit the real world they don't respect others either. Let's stop this cycle PARENTS!

2) Love. We need to teach our kids about love. We as parents run around all day long providing for our kids, taking them places, buying things for them, but where is the love. Let's show them how we love them, so they can love others. And so they can let others love them too.

3) Kids need to be kids. When you are a kids enjoy your time and be a kid. Now a days they are on fast mode to adulthood. I wish I could go back is what I tell my son all the time. I tell him about enjoying the little things so when he gets older he won't feel as he missed out in life.

4) Conversation No-No. I hate when kids butt into parents conversations. We will be in the car and one of my friend's kids will agree on a comment or have their own comment. I politely turn around and tell them the conversation is not between them and I but between adults. We need to teach our kids this because one day they might be butting in to a conversation that may get them fired or in trouble. So people feel they can always speak their mind, but there is a time and a place.

5) Treat others as they want to be treated. My son is a very shy boy. And he has let others treat him so bad so times just because he values them as friends. I tell him friends wont treat you wrong, or mislead you. How many times do we hear on the news where peer pressure has been the cause of the problems in our schools now a days? We need to teach them so they can teach others. Let's lead by example as well in our homes, work, and all around us.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Milson Road - The Daily Portrait House Party

I was chosen to be a party hostess. I received a free Daily Portrait (a $165 value) to share with my guests as well as a party kit filled with activities, games, recipes, gift bags with coupons for my guests, and one free Daily Portrait to give away to one of my lucky guests. Everyone in attendance loved the Daily Portrait.

So, I was able to create a free Daily Portrait. It was hard picking what to create it for. With so many options to pick from like Graduations, Weddings, Anniversary, Special Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, and Twins.
So I picked a very special birthday. My bestfriend's 15th birthday. Stephanie is my niece, by friendship. I have seen this beautiful baby girl grow up, and what better present for her than this. Her birthday had passed in April, but now they are moving into their new home. I thought it would be awesome to surprise them. What a surprise this was. With friends and family all wondering what was in the huge box. All they pulled the portrait out everyone was left speechless. We all loved the finished product. I am am the kind of person to collect special things to remember special moments like newspaper clippings. Well this Daily Portrait does it all. Remember the special day for someone you love. As we did.

The Daily Portrait:
ANNOUNCES a celebration or milestone within a “news page” of the day’s headlines – a time capsule of memories in an elegant, beautifully produced, 18x20 inch print with custom wood frame

Captures the emotion of a special event in a tangible, contemporary HEIRLOOM for the lucky recipient
Can be presented via The Daily Portrait GIFT CARD, which allows the recipient to personalize their own print

Makes a great GROUP GIFT – from family, friends, bridesmaids, colleagues, and others

Creating a one-of-a-kind HEIRLOOM has never been this SIMPLE…

CHOOSE The Daily Portrait that fits your special occasion

a. Answering a few questions about the recipient and occasion
b. Uploading your own digital image
c. Selecting your frame, mat and plate combination

PROOF your order prior to checkout, and The Daily Portrait will arrive within three weeks !

Waterpik Easy Select Showerhead Review

Have you ever thought about replacing your shower head?

Thanks to MomSelect and Water Pik for sending me a Waterpik Easy Select Showerhead to review. Ok, so I was kinda nervous about replacing our shower head because my fiancee is not a craftsman. But you don't need a plumber to install this shower head. It was easy. He just follow the easy directions, 3 steps, and voila, shower head had been replaced. After all that hardwork he did I thought it was only fair for him to try the shower head first. He loved it! He tried all the 5 different settings. You know guys and gadgets. He proceed to show me how it worked like he was the salesperson. I love my new shower head for many reasons. I love that after I come home from working out I can jump in my shower and relax. I can just turn the selector, from full body coverage, to the invigorating circular massage, to a gentle and relaxing mist setting. It is great for shaving, or taking my doggie a bath.
Water Pik is helping me to conserve water, reduce energy usage, protect the environment and natural water habitats, and save money on my water and energy bills. It is designed to reduce water usage without sacrificing superior shower performance or styling. I never cared how the shower head looked just if it worked. I think I was satified with my shower head until now. My Water Pik is awesome. I didn't know what I was missing. My shower head is at least double the size of my old shower head.

What makes Waterpik® shower heads so different? Waterpik shower heads are designed and engineered to combine unsurpassed performance with fresh styles and designs that make an impressive addition to any bathroom. Our exclusive OptiFLOW® shower head technology increases water force up to 30% by optimizing water flow. We invented the first massaging shower head years ago, and continue to build upon our tradition of innovation today.

What makes Waterpik® shower heads so different from the rest?
Waterpik shower heads enhance your showering experience by combining best-in-class performance with fresh styles and designs - all at a great value.
All of the EcoFlow products include:
Innovative water-saving features
Advanced performance for a satisfying shower experience, High-style design to fit any bathroom

Wedding Update...countdown has begun

So, as many of you know I am getting married. My wedding is next month. The time has flown by so fast. Alot of people have asked me if I am nervous, and I tell them that I am not. But I am taking that back, I'm nervous something will go wrong.
The save the dates have been mailed or hand delivered, invitations are going out this week. Everything is falling into place. I don't think I would be as calm as I am, if I didn't have great maids of honor and great friends helping me out all the way to that final day. I wasn't ever you typical girlie girl that dreamed of her wedding day in and day out. Years ago I use to help a friend who was an event planner with weddings. She and I worked on several weddings together. I even worked on one on my own. And every time I was doing my job in making sure everything was perfect for the bride. Her vision was always my inspiration. But how can I work without an inspiration? I have not been inspired as I wanted a simple wedding just family and close friends. Nothing big, maybe just a dinner. But if you know my fiancee, you know that he tries to always make me the happiest person ever. And up to know he has, hello, that's why I am marrying him. Just kidding! Our wedding has come together beautifully with the help of our friends and my family.
My bridal shower is next week...stay tune for the pics and much, much more....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Recipes brought to you by Nestle

Sparkling Sangria
Great for summer entertaining or cooling off on long, lazy days. Kids will love the grown-up feel -- and taste -- of this sparkly fruit spritzer. Frozen grape and mint leaf ice cubes add an extra splash of color and flavor.

Estimated Time(s)
Preparation Time: 10 min
Freezing Time: 1 hr

Servings: 8

1 orange, washed, halved and cut into thin slices (remove any seeds)
2/3 cup red and/or green grapes, rinsed and cut in half
1/3 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves or sprigs, rinsed
Purified water
3 cups Apple NESTLÉ JUICY JUICE All Natural 100% Juice, chilled
4 to 5 cups calorie-free seltzer water, chilled
PLACE orange slices on baking sheet and freeze for 30 minutes.

DIVIDE grape halves and mint leaves or sprigs between two ice cube trays. Fill each tray with purified water and freeze until solid.

POUR Juicy Juice into pitcher; add frozen orange slices, prepared ice cubes and seltzer water. Serve immediately.

NOTE: Omit ice cubes for children under age 4 due to choking risk. Also, try substituting White Grape NESTLÉ JUICY JUICE All Natural 100% Juice.

Iced Dulce de Leche Latte

Estimated Time(s)
Preparation Time: 5 min

Servings: 2

2 tablespoons hot water
2 teaspoons NESCAFÉ CLÁSICO Pure Instant Coffee Granules
1 1/4 cups milk
1/4 cup NESTLÉ LA LECHERA Dulce de Leche, warmed
COMBINE hot water and coffee granules in pitcher; stir until coffee is dissolved. Add milk and dulce de leche; stir until dulce de leche is dissolved. Serve over ice

Maggi Seasoning Blend

Estimated Time(s)
Preparation Time: 3 min

Yields 4 1/2 teaspoons

3 teaspoons MAGGI Granulated Chicken Flavor Tomato Bouillon
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
PLACE bouillon, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and red pepper flakes in small bowl; mix well. Store in airtight container.

Rub on 1 1/2 pounds boneless sirloin steaks. Cook on a grill or in a skillet to desired doneness.

Immediately sprinkle on 2 pounds fried potatoes and toss to coat evenly for delicious seasoned fries.

Add to 1 1/2 to 2 pounds ground beef or pork during cooking for a delicious filling for tacos.

For additional Nestlé recipe ideas, please visit;;

Wanchai Ferry Review

Let me take you on my adventure I had. MyBlogSpark invited me to go to dinner at a very good Chinese Restaurant here in Houston. This is not my typical buffet style or regular Chinese Restaurant. We were taken to our tables. The menus on the tables offered 8 different main courses.

-Orange Chicken
-Shrimp Lo Mein
-Spicy Garlic Chicken
-Sweet & Sour Chicken
-Sweet & Sour Shrimp
-Beef & Brocoli
-Kung Pao Chicken
-Szechuan Style Chicken

I picked the Spicy Garlic Chicken and my fiancee picked Kung Pao. The server brought out our food and we dug in. It was delicious. I liked that it was not too spicy, and the garlic was a balanced taste. My fiancee enjoyed his plate as well. As we are finishing up our food, our host comes out and hands us fortune cookies. Inside the fortune cookie is the message that the food is Wanchai Ferry. Not only did we not know that the food was not from a restaurant, but that it was straight from the freezer. We were served microwaved food. We could not tell. We were in shock becuase it tasted so good. We asked our waitress, to explain and this is what she said to summarize.

THE APPETIZER, restaurant
THE DRINKS, restaurant
(Well just imagine the accent and us still in shock, it was funny)

Wanchai Ferry is ready in 14 minutes. It is a complete dinner for two.



So if you are looking to save some time in the kitchen on dinner, looking for something new to try, or just hate having to order chinese take out (waiting game), go to Wanchai Ferry to get $1.50 off coupon.

***Disclosure-MyBlogSpark sponsored this wonderful event. This are my honest opinions.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Penguins of Madagascar Prize Pack giveaway

Inside specially marked boxes of General Mills cereals, you´ll "commence operations" with one of five characters from The Penguins of Madagascar; Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, Private or King Julien. Each participating cereal contains one character launcher with mission details outlined on the back of the box including:

Dive In, Soldier - Set an empty plastic cereal bowl on the table and try to pop your launcher into it. Wear a helmet or you´ll be squid bait.

Longest Propulsion Launcher - Challenge your troops to see who can launch their character the furthest. Go long or go back to the zoo.

Target Practice - Create a landing zone with a spoon and try to strategically drop your character into the sweet spot. Hit the target or go back to the drawing board.

Clear the Wall - Do you have enough projectile pop to push your launcher over the top of the box? Proceed launchin´ troops, earn those wings!
Each character is unique and has their own specific role, and together, they´re a team with lots of character. With five character launchers to collect, make a splash this summer and try to successfully complete all of their missions.

Want to win The Penguins of Madagascar Prize Pack which includes a box of Trix, a Penguins of Madagascar launcher and the new Penguins of Madagascar movie, The Penguins of Madagascar Operation: DVD Premier?

How to enter:

1) Tell me which character from Penguins of Madagascar is your child´s favorite? (1 entry)
2) Follow my blog. (1 entry)
3) Follow @independentmami on twitter. (1 entry)
4) Tweet. (1 entry per tweet, unlimited)

This giveaway ends Monday, August 9 at 8 am. 1 winner will be picked at Please leave your email in your comment. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Good Luck.

***Disclosure-General Mills and Nickelodeon provided my family with the prize pack, information, and additional prize pack through MyBlogSparkTM.