Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Favorite Family Time Ideas

I was ask to share 5 of my favorite family time ideas. With summer ending and school starting, family time can be hard to get with all the busy schedules everyone has. But I like to schedule family time.

My first favorite idea is to schedule a movie night. Pick a day, we pick Friday nites. Take turns picking a movie, Redbox movies are $1. Stock up on popcorn, pickles, and drinks. Have a fun night.

Another great idea is having game night. We like to have a game night once a month with all our close friends and their kiddos. Everyone brings a game to play and a snack to share. Take turns going to different houses, or host your own night. THe kids really like this, especially mine who is an only child.

Get out of the house for my next idea. Go to a park, walk around in the neighborhood, work in the garden. My son and I take walks around our neighborhood. Sometimes he rides his bike and other times he helps cut the grass. Just get out.

Plan a small staycation. Find a place near you, like a lake or a beach. Pack a lunch or a picnic. Grab some frisbies, volleyball, and have some fun in the sun. We love to go to the beach. We invite friends with kids and grab our coolers.

Last but not least take advantage of the freebies around town. Here in Houston the Children's Museum is free every Thursday nite. There are places that offer free nites, or admission. Find them in your city and have fun!!

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