Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

Now a days kids have lost all the values our parents taught us back in the days. I don't even think I learned most of them. I love watching Little House on the Prairie with all the innocence in those times, we need to return to those times and pass those lessons to our kids. They are our future.

Here are 5 lessons I think every kid should learn-

1) Respect your parents. Many kids now a days have lost respect for their parents. So when they hit the real world they don't respect others either. Let's stop this cycle PARENTS!

2) Love. We need to teach our kids about love. We as parents run around all day long providing for our kids, taking them places, buying things for them, but where is the love. Let's show them how we love them, so they can love others. And so they can let others love them too.

3) Kids need to be kids. When you are a kids enjoy your time and be a kid. Now a days they are on fast mode to adulthood. I wish I could go back is what I tell my son all the time. I tell him about enjoying the little things so when he gets older he won't feel as he missed out in life.

4) Conversation No-No. I hate when kids butt into parents conversations. We will be in the car and one of my friend's kids will agree on a comment or have their own comment. I politely turn around and tell them the conversation is not between them and I but between adults. We need to teach our kids this because one day they might be butting in to a conversation that may get them fired or in trouble. So people feel they can always speak their mind, but there is a time and a place.

5) Treat others as they want to be treated. My son is a very shy boy. And he has let others treat him so bad so times just because he values them as friends. I tell him friends wont treat you wrong, or mislead you. How many times do we hear on the news where peer pressure has been the cause of the problems in our schools now a days? We need to teach them so they can teach others. Let's lead by example as well in our homes, work, and all around us.

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