Friday, August 13, 2010

Waterpik Easy Select Showerhead Review

Have you ever thought about replacing your shower head?

Thanks to MomSelect and Water Pik for sending me a Waterpik Easy Select Showerhead to review. Ok, so I was kinda nervous about replacing our shower head because my fiancee is not a craftsman. But you don't need a plumber to install this shower head. It was easy. He just follow the easy directions, 3 steps, and voila, shower head had been replaced. After all that hardwork he did I thought it was only fair for him to try the shower head first. He loved it! He tried all the 5 different settings. You know guys and gadgets. He proceed to show me how it worked like he was the salesperson. I love my new shower head for many reasons. I love that after I come home from working out I can jump in my shower and relax. I can just turn the selector, from full body coverage, to the invigorating circular massage, to a gentle and relaxing mist setting. It is great for shaving, or taking my doggie a bath.
Water Pik is helping me to conserve water, reduce energy usage, protect the environment and natural water habitats, and save money on my water and energy bills. It is designed to reduce water usage without sacrificing superior shower performance or styling. I never cared how the shower head looked just if it worked. I think I was satified with my shower head until now. My Water Pik is awesome. I didn't know what I was missing. My shower head is at least double the size of my old shower head.

What makes Waterpik® shower heads so different? Waterpik shower heads are designed and engineered to combine unsurpassed performance with fresh styles and designs that make an impressive addition to any bathroom. Our exclusive OptiFLOW® shower head technology increases water force up to 30% by optimizing water flow. We invented the first massaging shower head years ago, and continue to build upon our tradition of innovation today.

What makes Waterpik® shower heads so different from the rest?
Waterpik shower heads enhance your showering experience by combining best-in-class performance with fresh styles and designs - all at a great value.
All of the EcoFlow products include:
Innovative water-saving features
Advanced performance for a satisfying shower experience, High-style design to fit any bathroom

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