Thursday, February 26, 2009

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

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I'm sure many people think us Texans are all cowboys and cowgirls. We wear boots and all have farms. We still ride horses and BBQ is our everyday meal. Well no it is not. But once a year I do become a cowgirl. HLSR has a scholarship program that helps students go to college. I support that. Education is very important to me. Many of us here in Houston grew up wanting to ride horses and bulls, and wanting to raise a pig after leaving the HLSR events. There are so many events to attend where people like me and you can help someone go to college simply by attending. Every year when I was in school we would take our annual trip to the Livestock Show. They have a petting zoo for kids, and many activities. It is a part of Houston and Texas history. I don't live on a farm, don't ride horses, and I don't talk with a twang. But I do love BBQ, like attending the concerts, and of course love seeing the animals every year. The HLSR has kept its prices very fair. I remember growing up paying $10 at the gate to get in to all the activities, i.e. rodeo concert, carnival, livestock show, etc... Their prices have gone up a little but where can you go for $16 now a days and have this much fun. My most memorable concert was the Selena concert. I went to see her at the Rodeo. She looked so beautiful. We had so much fun that night. Before and after the concert, we hungout at the carnival enjoying the Turkey legs, and funnel cakes. So this year I recommend you and the family take a trip out to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chili's Guiltless Menu

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Informational post only.I recently joined BzzAgent in its new campaign for my favorite spot, Chili's. We go to Chili's once a week. It is our treat to ourselves for the hard week we have had and a way for us to spend quality family time in conversation. Oh yeah and affordable food. With the New Year around the corner and the first quarter almost gone I realize my resolution has little by little lost its force it started out with. But with Chili's Guiltless Menu I am able to still eat out and have great taste non diet food. I think that it what makes it harder for us to keep to our diets, the word diet. I have tried every single dish and I do recommend. You will never feel deprived. Here are two samples-

NEW Guiltless Buffalo Chicken SandwichGrilled chicken breast tossed in traditional spicy Buffalo sauce, with low-fat Ranch, shredded lettuce, tomato and sautéed onions. Served on a whole wheat bun with steamed seasonal veggies with Parmesan cheese.

NEW Guiltless Cedar Plank TilapiaSeasoned tilapia filet tossed with house-made pico de gallo and a lime wedge. Cooked and served on a cedar plank with steamed seasonal veggies with Parmesan cheese

I'm getting hungry already. So take the guilt out of going out and say say to one of these dishes. You will not regret it. So have a night out with your honey, or the family, or a girl's nite out/boys' nite out.

Crime Rates

Recently there have been alot of crimes near and around me here in Houston. I have been very concerned. So I had an alarm installed in my house. My home was a place I use to feel safe at until the recent robberies. There have been two kidnappings, one was found dead. So I started to ask myself what am I doing to stay safe. And this is only from me and my opinion...Well first I am staying alert. Never be a victim. When I am out shopping I keep my purse at my shoulder and my keys in my hand or pocket. I saw a lady have her purse snatched in our grocery store parking lot. Her keys, her phone, and her purse where all gone in those few seconds. I always walk with my boys next to me. I always need to know where they are. And I have told my son to always be alert, he was with me when the lady had her purse snatched. When leaving and entering your home, notice your surroundings. We stay in the garage, close the garage door completely, and then make our way into the house after turning off the alarm. It is never too would hate to say could i have done more. I hope some of my tips help. I looked online and found a great website that had alot of great tips. check it out for yourself... It is better to be informed. Every now and again we get the email to pass around to our friends I have never been more concerned over my safety and those around me.

Wedding Warrior

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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Check out the new terms. Do you own everything you have typed?

Commit for Life

I have committed for life to help the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center of Houston. Have you committed? Can you help? How to commit for life? Donate once per quarter, Allow them to contact you, and spread the word.

About Donating Blood:
The need for blood donations go beyond what people see on television and the news. Blood is needed for individuals being treated for cancer, babies that are born prematurely, individuals with anemia and much more. Blood donations save lives and there is no substitute. It must come from one individual to go to another, and every donation can help save up to three lives. That is why we encourage individuals to Commit for Life and donate at least once every quarter.

Join me, and help save a life.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Planning my wedding

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Ok, so Im engaged. Finally. Throughout this year I will be discovering if I am half bridezilla. I hope not to become one of them. But I think with the help of my wonderful fiance I will not become that way. I will be looking to find short cuts to things were we can save money. A penny in my pocket is more money for our future. I have registered at THE KNOT. And of course at my favorite store Bed, Bath and Beyond. But now I need to pick a date for our wedding, find a location, and etc... Who knew it was going to be this hard to get married. Even with all that I finding my way in this bloggers world. We will see what comes out of this. Wish me luck.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

I want to win a trip to Seaworld

I want to go to SeaWorld @GeekMommy I’ve got #mantamania because it would be a great experience for me and my son. We have never been to Orlando or Seaworld. I have been a single mother just paying our bills. But ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to go to Seaworld. I have heard about all the fun you have. I know this would be so much fun for my son. SO please pick me to give my son the time of his life on this wonderful trip.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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