Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crime Rates

Recently there have been alot of crimes near and around me here in Houston. I have been very concerned. So I had an alarm installed in my house. My home was a place I use to feel safe at until the recent robberies. There have been two kidnappings, one was found dead. So I started to ask myself what am I doing to stay safe. And this is only from me and my opinion...Well first I am staying alert. Never be a victim. When I am out shopping I keep my purse at my shoulder and my keys in my hand or pocket. I saw a lady have her purse snatched in our grocery store parking lot. Her keys, her phone, and her purse where all gone in those few seconds. I always walk with my boys next to me. I always need to know where they are. And I have told my son to always be alert, he was with me when the lady had her purse snatched. When leaving and entering your home, notice your surroundings. We stay in the garage, close the garage door completely, and then make our way into the house after turning off the alarm. It is never too would hate to say could i have done more. I hope some of my tips help. I looked online and found a great website that had alot of great tips. check it out for yourself... It is better to be informed. Every now and again we get the email to pass around to our friends I have never been more concerned over my safety and those around me.

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