Friday, September 25, 2015

Influenster-TastyKake VoxBox

***Disclosure-I received this product to test and review but that all opinions are my own.

This Wednesday we celebrated the First Day of Fall!  We are back in the groove of things.  School is back in session, work is work, and Summer is gone.  Our school district celebrated the First Day of Fall and gave the students a day off-Fall Holiday!  I took half a day off to hang out with my son.  He has been doing so well in school this year.  I am so proud of him.

After a hard day of school or work, it is great to just take a small break.  

Have you ever tasted TastyKake?  TastyKake has a variety of products which include cupcakes, bars, donuts, snow balls, and so much more.

Thanks to Influenster for sending me the TastyKake VoxBox.
New TastyKake Peanut Butter Cupcake Minis made with peanut butter filled flavored icing and peanut butter flavored creme filling.
Every afternoon when I get home from work, I ask my kids how their day was.  We talk about their challenges, trials, and successes.  Everyday we can have mini wins.  I try to teach them to look for the good things in life, at least one good thing that happened.  And we celebrate those mini wins.
Today we celebrated with TastyKake minis for the win!  These are so yummy!  Reese in a cupcake....what a way to combine two of our favorite things.

For more information on where to find TastyKakes, go to  Also you follow them online on Instagram or Facebook.

What will you celebrate today?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tasty Thursday-Chuck E Cheese

***Disclosure-Sponsored Post.  Any opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

My family and I were invited to come taste test the new thin crust pizza at Chuck E Cheese.

Chuck E Cheese is a family friendly place where we like to hang out.  Thanks to Chuck E Cheese, we received a complimentary thin and crispy pizza, 4 drinks, and some tokens.  After placing our order, I got to get a behind the scenes look and watch our order be made.  

First thing I noticed was the fresh ingredients.

Did you know that Gluten free is an option?  Yes, not only do they make their own dough on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays but they also offer their guests a gluten free option.  Gluten free dough comes in pre-packed.  It even comes with it's on cutting tools.  It is handled separately.  We went with regular dough for our thin crust experience.
 Next is the sauce....spread all over, not one spot missed
Then comes the cheese.  We all love cheese!
Bring on the P-E-P-P-E-R-O-N-I....
Now our pizza is ready to go into the oven....this is the before
4 1/2 minutes later....
Yes, you read that right.  Your pizza is fresh and ready after 4 1/2 minutes in the oven.  Ready to be cut and served for my hungry family.
The pizza was yummy.  We have always liked the pizza at Chuck E Cheese.  I like that they have thin crust now.  Most kiddos don't like eating the crust or any part without cheese or pepperoni.  But clearly you can see, that every slice has cheese and pepperoni.  

We had an awesome time, like always.  Thanks to the Chuck E Cheese on Weslayan for allowing me to step behind the scenes of this location.

1)  Go on off peak times so it will not be so crowded.
2)  Don't forget your coupons.  
3)  You can also go online and print reward calendars.
4)  Have fun!  Remember this is the place- Where a Kid can be a Kid! 

*In a blind taste test of 413 respondents, 57% preferred Chuck E. Cheese's Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza to Pizza Hut's® Thin & Crispy Pepperoni.  (© The Pizza Hut name, logos and related marks are trademarks of Pizza Hut, Inc.)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Giveaway-Wings Over Houston 2015

***Disclosure-Sponsored post.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Fly like an Eagle....or not.  Watch the planes soar through the Houston sky.  The 31st Wings over Houston is coming on October 17 and 18.  This year they will be featuring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.
Aerobatics, demonstrations, 
Heroes and Legends

My family and I love the airshow.  It is a great show.  Tora, Tora is one of my favorites.  You get up close to these beautiful planes.  You can tour the inside of a cargo transport, check out various types of helicopters, training aircraft, and experimental planes.  Talk to the pilots and crew of the planes.  Grab an autograph or two.  

History is not only in books.  

I am so glad to join a great group of bloggers and New Creative Media again in bringing you, my readers, a high flying giveaway.  Wings Over Houston is a family friendly event.  There is food, and fun to be had.  Two days full of performances.  Discount tickets are available online at  
Or enter to win here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Motivational Monday-Find A Way

***Disclosure-Sample copy was received for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

It is Friday Night Lights time....  The school year has started.  Things are about to go back to the same ole same ole routine, right?

Sometimes life does not how we expect it.

This is how a tragedy began for a Burlington, North Carolina family.  Their son Harry Cohen was a high school senior, a genuinely inspirational young man, star football player, friend to all and strong Christian.  One morning he didn’t wake up.

Last year, my son lost a classmate.  My son's school is a very small school.  We almost know every kid, even though all the kids come from all parts of town.  These kids embrace each other.  Just like we spend most of our lives with our co-workers, so do our kids.  

In FIND A WAY a fictionalized character based on Harry will have a life changing effect on several families dealing with their own personal struggles.  Characters will intersect with the young man’s family as they deal with real life issues such as materialism, self-absorption and ambition at all cost.

How big is your faith?  I have been through a lot in my life.  I remember reminding myself of the mustard seed.  This movie made us reflect on our lives and sometimes that is what we need.  We need to reflect.

Has your FAITH been tested lately?  How have you handled it?    

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tomatillo Cilantro Rice with Chicken and Vegetable Confetti

***Disclosure-Sample product was received for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I am going to admit I am not a chef.  But I like learning how to cook new dishes.  And I like mastering those dishes.  One thing I cannot master is rice.  Stop laughing.  Every 3 times I make it, it does not come out.  So I have been trying different recipes.  Maybe it is not me, it is the recipe?
Tomatillo Cilantro Rice with Chicken and Vegetable Confetti


  • 3 tablespoons 
    olive oil
  • 1 pound 
    boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into 1-inch pieces
    Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • 1 
    medium yellow onion, diced 
  • 2 cloves 
    garlic, minced
  • 1 cup 
    fresh or canned corn kernels
  • 1 cup 
    long grain rice
  • 1 teaspoon 
    ground cumin 
  • 2 
    bay leaves
  • 1 (12-ounce) jar 
  • 1 cup 
    chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup 
    frozen baby peas
  • 2 teaspoons 
    freshly chopped cilantro

Heat olive oil in 4-quart saucepot over medium-high heat.

Season chicken with salt and pepper and add to pot.
Sauté 3 minutes or until brown all over, stirring often.

Remove chicken from pot and set aside.

Add onions and sauté 2 minutes.

Add garlic and sauté 1 minute longer. 
Add corn kernels, rice, cumin and bay leaves.

Cook 3 minutes or until rice begins to lightly toast and smell fragrant, stirring often.

Return chicken to pot and add HERDEZ® Tomatillo Verde Mexican Cooking Sauce and chicken broth.

Bring mixture to a boil, reduce heat and cover pot.

Simmer 20 minutes.

Remove rice from heat and fluff it with a fork.

Mix in peas and cilantro.

Cover pot and let rice rest 5 minutes before serving.
I left off the peas because of my family's preference.  I made this dish!  And it tasted great!

For more recipes, head to 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

***Disclosure-Sample product was received for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my experience.

We love fajitas in our family.  How about you and your family?  Looking for a fajita recipe?
Chipotle Chicken Fajitas


  • 4 tablespoons 
    olive oil, divided
  • 1 pound 
    boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into 1-inch strips 
  • 1 medium 
    red onion, sliced thinly
  • 1 
    red bell pepper, seeded and sliced into ½-inch strips
  • 1 
    yellow bell pepper, seeded and sliced into ½-inch strips
  • 2 
    garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 cup 
  • 2 teaspoons 
    freshly chopped cilantro or oregano
  • 8 
    HERDEZ® burrito-size flour tortillas, warmed
    HERDEZ® Salsa Casera, guacamole and sour cream 

Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook 2 minutes per side or until golden brown on both sides. Remove chicken to plate and set aside. 
Add remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil to skillet.  Add onion and peppers and cook 5 minutes or until golden and soft, stirring often. Add garlic and cook 1 minute longer.
Return chicken to pan, including any accumulated juices, and add HERDEZ® Traditional Chipotle Mexican Cooking Sauce. Simmer over medium heat 5 minutes or until sauce is slightly reduced and chicken is cooked through. Stir in cilantro or oregano. 
Serve with warm tortillas, salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

This fajitas came out so good.  Perfect for family dinner.  I opted for no tortillas and added the salsa and guacamole.  The family had the warm flour tortillas.

Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions #sharethesuper

***Disclosure-Sample product was received.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Our kids are back in school and that means sack lunches, and after school snacks are in order.  Do your kids like to ear veggies?  Are you looking for healthy snacks for them to have?

New Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions contain one serving (1/2 cup) of fruit and veggies in each cup.  They are available in three flavors: Peach Mango, Apple Pear Watermelon and Cherry Fruit Trio. 
A tasty blend of fruit in a lightly sweetened vegetable and fruit juice.  In case you missed what I said, this is equal to one combined serving of fruit and vegetables in each cup!  
Ingredients-Peaches, Vegetable Juices (Water, Pumpkin Juice Concentrate, Sweet Potato Juice Concentrate, Butternut Squash Juice Concentrate), Water, Sugar, Pear Juice Concentrate, Mango Puree Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (To Preserve Color), Beta Carotene (For Color).

My teen did not even realize he was eating some veggies in his fruit cup.  And he liked them!

Del Monte is celebrating the launch by hosting the #sharethesuper moments sweeps!  Moms and Dads are encouraged to share pictures and videos of kids being super (i.e. mastering a cartwheel, acing a spelling test, completing a chore chart) on Instagram and Twitter with hashtags #sharethesuper and #sweepstakes for a chance to win weekly prizes as well as a single grand prizes to fuel their family’s super interests.  

The sweeps is going on now through Sept. 18.  Visit to enter and for more info. 

Ultra Downy Ball Review

***Disclosure-I received a Downy Ball to review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

What is the chore you hate the most?  I hate laundry.  So lucky me, I get my husband and son to help do some of the loads.  But one thing about my husband and teen, like all men and kids, you have to give them specific directions.  He and my son can go over board most of the time with the Downy.  Over pouring, wasting money....  They both love how it smells, so they think they can add more than the recommended amount.
Instructions that came with the ball:
1)  Pour Downy to the fill line
2)  Pull ring to close
3)  Toss ball onto fabrics
The Ultra Downy ball was really easy to use.  Hopefully now my boys will stop over pouring.  It is a win, win situation for both of us.

 My family is now using it on every load. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thirsty Thursday-Nestle Pure Life Exotics

***Disclosure-I received samples to review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Labor Day weekend is here....our last hoorah before Summer ends.  Are you throwing a party?

Here are some tips to throwing a legendary party:

-Pot Luck-Divide the menu among your guests.  If you're short on time , there is nothing wrong with asking your guests to bring a dish to share.  Pick a theme, such as a specific country or the best dishes that your mother made ​​you when you were a child.

-Ambiance.  Keep the decor simple.  The warm weather is perfect for outdoor parties.  To achieve a simple but elegant atmosphere, you can use decorative lights and candles.  Also, do not forget to buy insect repellent candles. Your guests will thank you.  They now come in cute decorative holders.

-Music.  Can't get the party started with the jams.  Let your guest pick and choose their favorites.  Ask everyone to send their five favorite songs or artists.  You can also navigate through playlists from Spotify Latinos, as the Latin Lounge Top 25 Latino.

-Games.  Just because you're an adult does not mean you can not use the games to entertain your guests. Take out the Loteria or invite your friends to bring their cards or favorite table games.  Or, how about filling a piñata for adults with luxury chocolate bars, mini plastic beverage bottles or individually wrapped chocolates filled with liquor?  You can even attach a gift card as the grand prize!

-Open Bar.  Be creative with the drinks.  Refreshing drinks, under the evening sky.  For a different touch to the classic mojito, mix some fresh mint leaves and 2 slices of lemon in a glass . Then add 1.5 oz of your favorite rum and some ice.  To reduce the sugar, but still keep the flavor, add some sparkling water, like Nestlé® Pure Life® Exotics ™ lime. 
-Add some flavor to your ice cubes by freezing Exotics Sparkling Water with small pieces of melon or berries.  Dare to give color and fun ways to any drink! 
-Serve Sparkling Water Exotics Mango, Peach and Pineapple with scoops of sorbet in a glass of champagne for a healthier choice than ice cream float. 
-To prepare a refreshing drink of water from Jamaica with a tropical feel, simply add syrup and Sparkling Water Exotics Jamaica Mandarin . Serve in a tall glass with ice! 

Nestle Pure Life Exotics can add the sparkle to any party.  I liked all the flavors but my favorite was the Lime.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trail Walking Tips

So I have found that I like the great outdoors.  I like to walk the trails any chance I get.  When planning a trip, I look for close trails that the family and I can walk.  Walking or hiking a trail can be great for any age.  There are so many things to see on a trail and it is a great exercise.  It can be better then walking the treadmill staring at the wall or watching TV.  
We recently traveled to Guadalupe River State Park.  They have several trails to be enjoyed by the park visitors.  I decided to go for a walk on one of trails.  Here are some of my tips to trail walking:

1)  Research your trail.  How far do you want to walk?  Does the trail bring you back to your starting point?  Is it a marked trail?
2)  Stay on the Trail.  Follow the trail markers.  They are there to guide you.  
3)  Read any posted signs.  These signs could be important especially if there are detour or closures to the trail you are currently on.
  4)  Remember you are in the great outdoors.  Animals and plants live in this environment.
  5)  If you get lost, always look for the road.
6)  Don't hike or walk alone.  You can have a wonderful conversation.  In case of an emergency, the other person can go for help or be able to assist.  It can be a great way for you to be able to talk to someone without a lot of distractions.  The more the merrier, right?  They can also help keep you on the trail because they may be better map readers than you
Enjoy the view.  Let go.  Breath in and breath out.  Happy Trails!

Have you ever been trail walking or hiking?  What has been your favorite trail?  Do you have any tips?