Monday, October 29, 2018

Trick or Teeth - Dr Plotka Mouth Washers

Be honest how much Halloween candy do you eat?  It starts off with, let me inspect your candy bag..  Then, you end up saving some for your stash.  At least, that is how it works in my house.  I am guilty of having a sweet tooth.  Boy, do I love me some chocolate.

Disclosure-Sample product was received.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I have a few tricks to share with you that will save your beautiful teeth and keep you smiling.  First, I lead by example.  Although going to trick or treating is a lot of fun.  Kids can get too much candy.  They cannot consume all that candy on their own.  Rather than you taking one for the team.  Share.

Sharing is Caring.

I let my kids pick out a handful of favorites.  Then we separate the candies that they definitely will not eat.  Those candies go in the give away pile.  I have a candy jar at my office that I place on my desk to share. 

Second, ration out the candy.  I use to keep the candy jar right at arms reach for everyone to grab and go at all times.  Now we keep it put away. 

Out of sight, out of mind.

Lastly, this is the most important time that we all need to remind each other to take extra time while brushing our teeth to get any extra candy stuck to our teeth and in between our gums.  This is where I recommend a good toothbrush with good bristles.

Dr. Plotka’s toothbrush with soft, long lasting bristles and antimicrobial technology!  A antimicrobial toothbrush with flossing bristles™ that are ultra-thin at the tip to properly reach and brush away food and plaque in normally missed areas.  Embedded with naturally antimicrobial silver to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build-up within 6 hours after brushing, you can keep those germs away while showing off your healthy smile!

And you won't feel guilty if you have an extra candy or two.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Better Shower Better Morning Tips

Disclosure-This post is sponsored by Mirum.  All opinions are my own based on my own personal experience.

I do not know about you but for me, the way my mornings start can decide the way my day will go.  I have not always been a morning person, that's for sure.  I made a few changes to my morning routine that have helped me have better mornings.  Since turning forty, yes you heard right, I am focusing on living my best life.  I do not have time or a need for stress in my life.  Like I said, I was not a morning person.  In order for me to have better days, I had to evaluate why my days where not going better.  With evaluating my day, I learned that my mornings where the cause of it.    

In the morning, before jumping out of bed I started to RELEASE.  You have been asleep in bed for an X amount of hours whether it be on your belly, side or your back.  Start your morning by stretching out.  Take some deep breaths in and release them as your stretch your body out.  This requires nothing extra from you.  Your body will thank you for the change.    

Give your body time to catch up with you.  REFOCUS your energy from trying to multitask everything and everyone to one thing, YOU!  Not only does your body need to be ready for the day but so does your mind.   

Start with a shower to quite your mind.  Listen to the water as it hits the shower walls.  Close your eyes.  Let the water just fall off your head, to your face, and down your body. 

Then, REJUVENATE your body and it give a spa experience by using Dove shower foam.  Foam so light that helps leave skin looking and feeling healthy, soft, and smooth.  

Available in Deep Moisture, Sensitive Skin, Cucumber and Green Tea, and Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla.  Formulated with NutriumMoisture technology, no wonder it is dermatologist recommended. 

You can find the nourishing shower foams from Dove at your nearest CVS with an exclusive offer of Dove and Dove Men+Care Foams at 2 for $15 (10/21 - 10/27/18).
    *Offer valid 10/21-10/27/18.  Extrabucks Rewards offer limit of ONE (1) per household with card.

Now I challenge you to start your mornings better with this morning routine that ends with a re-energized You.  

Do you have any tips on how you start your mornings?

Friday, October 19, 2018

Clean & Clear Launches Lemon Line #BELOUDBECLEARBEYOU

Self care is a very important part of our lives.  Anyone who know me, knows I love lemons and limes.  I am so happy to be sharing some news with you. 

Thanks to Clean & Clear for sending sample products for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Introducing the new Lemon Line enriched with Lemon extract + Vitamin C, for bright, happy and clear skin!

Clean & Clear’s new lemon line features products for a full skincare routine that helps cut through oil and dissolve dirt deep down in pores. inclusive of:

-Lemon Cleansing Wipes will refreshingly lift away dirt and impurities with just one swipe! No need to rinse. Available exclusively at Walmart and

-Lemon Exfoliating Slices swipe away pore-clogging dirt and oil with the power of Lemon + Vitamin C packed in one slice.

-Lemon Gel Cleanser will work to cut through oil and deeply dissolve backlogged dirt for bright, happy, clear skin!

-Lemon Zesty Scrub uses the power of gentle micro-scrubbies to buff and brighten the surface of the skin, which is gentle enough for daily use. 

-Lemon Juice Toner is alcohol-free but uses the power of Lemon + Vitamin C combined to help gently expel impurities wile toning for brighter, happier skin.

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