Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to School

Back to School is right around the corner for us. With this economy we have to find creative ways to make ends meet and stretch that $1 out. This year my son has to wear uniforms so I need to buy all new school clothes. Even sweaters and jackets have to be the uniform colors. He will only be at this school one more year for his last year, 5th grade.

Check out kiddiescornerdeals from August 1-15 for the Back to School Bash. I know I am. There are many sponsors for this event so you don't want to miss out. So stop, go right now. One more time, go to kiddiescornerdeals. What are you waiting for? The bell to ring....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Want to win $5000? Solo cups says...

Solo cups says...
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rock of Ages Blog Review & Giveaway***CLOSED

Music can move you. I can take you through time. To another time in the past, or to a memory, oh them good memories. It can set a mood, it put a smile on your face, and even make you jump out your seats.
Thanks to one2onenetwork for allowing me to review Rock of Ages.
I popped this cd in and we went on a journey in time. Some of my all time favorite hits. The cd had us singing along with it. The beats and music had us dancing around. The vocals are a great tribute to the real songs. My fiancee and I danced and sang every song. Even my son who only knew some of the songs joined in the fun.

Check it out:

New Line Records just hammered the in-store release of the Original Broadway Cast Recording of five-time Tony Award nominated "Rock of Ages." For those of you not in the know, Rock of Ages is the new Broadway musical starring American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis. Set in 1987 in a legendary Sunset Strip rock club, a small-town girl meets a big-city dreamer and they fall in love to the greatest metal songs of the 80's. The musical is an arena-rock love story told through the mind-blowing, face-melting hits of Journey, Bon Jovi, Styx, Reo Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Foreigner, Twisted Sister, Poison, Asia, Whitesnake and more.

Just Like Paradise / Nothin' But A Good Time
Sister Christian
We Built This City / Too Much Time On My Hands
I Wanna Rock
We're Not Gonna Take It
Heaven/More Than Words / To Be With You
Waiting For A Girl Like You
Wanted Dead Or Alive
I Want To Know What Love Is
Cum On Feel The Noize / We're Not Gonna Take It (Reprise)
Harden My Heart / Shadows Of The Night
Here I Go Again
The Final Countdown
Any Way You Want It / I Wanna Rock (Reprise)
High Enough
I Hate Myself For Loving You / Heat Of The Moment
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Can't Fight This Feeling
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Oh Sherrie
The Search Is Over
Don't Stop Believin

Making of Soundtrack video

Click here to get your own copy or just win it!
Thanks to one2onenetwork one lucky person will win their own copy. Here is how to win:

1) Tell me which song on this cd Rock of Ages is your favorite. (1 entry)
2) Follow my blog. (1 entry)
3) Tweet about this giveaway and link back. (1 daily entry)
4) Email 5 friends, make sure to copy me with subject title, Rock of Ages. (5 entry)

Good luck. Contest ends Wednesday, August 5 at midnight. Make sure your email information is provided. Winners will have 24 hours to respond with shipping instructions.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Through my EYES........

I wrote about wanting to have Lasik surgery a couple of weeks ago and guess what I did it? I want to tell you about my experience through my eyes and not a paid person or advertisement. My sister in law and cousin had previously had the surgery done earlier this year and everything went great with them. I was very scared about what could happen to my vision. I am the type of scary cat that fears everything, and wonders of all the things that could happen. Because of course things always happen to me, and only me. How safe is it? Could I loose my vision? How much is it going to cost? All these and more questions went through my head.
First, I asked questions to all the people who had previously had surgery. They were very happy with the procedure. My sister in law and cousin were so pleased with the office they picked. The staff was wonderful, they said. The doctor makes you forget about your fears. And when they told me about the cost, I figured I needed to go see the vision doctor for my annual test anyways. Normally at that time, I get new glasses and contacts. That normally runs me at least $300. I decided the money would eventually even out and the surgery would eventually save me money in the long run.
Next I needed to pick a doctor and a center. Well if you are like me, i want to go where there are people who are satisfied, no incidents, and of course, a place where I know someone has went to. I decided to go to Lasik Vision Institute. Again, I am not being paid for this and did not receive a discount for promoting them, or anything or the sort. But i do want to tell you how great they were with me and i see why they are so busy with customer referrals. They have centers in many states. Dr. January does about 500 surgeries in a month. WOW, i didn't know that many people had this surgery done.
I went to my consultation and lasik evaluation with my mom. This consultation is FREE. The lady who attended me and did my first set tests was so nice. She explained the whole situation to me. She even told me about her experience, as she has had Lasik surgery too. Then I was moved to another room where more test were done by another technician. He was very nice too. My eyes were then dilated and more tests were taken. All my tests came out great. I was a candidate.
Note: You must have been wearing your glasses for at least 2 weeks before Lasik. I, of course, wear my glasses everyday. I hate my contacts. We are not friends. It takes me forever to put them in my eyes and by the time one is in my eyes are so irritated. I end up taking them right back out. Or on days I use to wear them, they would irritate my eyes and i would have to keep putting drops in them.
After being told I was a great candidate, we talked cost. My surprise was when I was given 25% off Custom Lasik and even offered 5% off the total cost if I paid it all the day of the surgery. They do offer payment plans with their in house credit. But i had save up money and 5% was too good to pass up. I was told it never hurts to ask for an extra discount, what can they say, NO. I scheduled my appointment 2 days later. Ok, lets take a minute for me to tell you, I am working on a rush here, adrenaline rush. I was scared but it seemed so far away at the same time. I know two days is not far away. But I put it off my mind and continued with my birthday celebrations and vacation.
Two days later was the day. My sister in law, who has had Lasik, was my support system and driver. You must have a driver to take you home. We got to my appointment on time. We laugh while I, in the back of my mind, was screaming. It seemed so easy and it was now here. They prepped me by giving me a surgical hair net, put gauze over my ears, and shoe covers. My sister in law had the head gear and shoe gear as well. The doctor came and talked about the procedure. He even was telling us jokes but by that time I was so nervous I couldn't even laugh. He called my name. I went in. They said lay here please. I was like here. Yes, there. I laid down and all HELL broke loose in my head. The bed swung around to put me under this light. You know like when you go to the dentist. Yes, scary light thinamagig. They gave me a big old Tiger to hold on too and even put a blanket on me. The surgery room is very cold. I started telling them I couldn't breath. I changed my mind, and i can't breath. I could hear voices telling me to calm down, take deep breaths, and we were ready. Next thing you know we got started. The doctor was pulling my eyelids open. Ok, this is as real as it gets! I had warned them about me not being able to keep my eyes open. You are awake the whole time, laying there looking at this light, and then just listening not moving. Everything goes through your head all at once. I freaked for a second but the procedure was starting. My sister in law and the doctor had told me, you will see light, then black, then the orange light, and then vision is back. Next eye, same thing. It seemed as it took forever but it was under 5 minutes and he was done. I could see. The procedure was done and i was taken into a separate room. After a couple of minutes the doctor looked into my eyes with one of his special machines and everything was good. I could go home. I was given goggles to wear so I wouldn't poke my eyes out at night. I was told to close my eyes for 4 hours after my surgery. My sister in law drove us home and I went to sleep.
The next day I had a follow up with the doctor. He checked my vision and guess what, 20/15 vision after one day. I have to go back in two weeks and then in two months for follow up check ups but I can see. It was scary to think and even consider doing this but now that I have done it, I'm glad. I can see again. My joke to everyone is I now have HD vision 1080 eyes...hahahha (like the HDTVs hahahha)The unknown is sometimes so scary. But I had great people on my side from the receptionist to the doctor, they were all great. I also want to thank my family because they were very supportive of me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mom Central's Summer Giveaway Bonanza

Yes, it is Summer people. The sun, the kids out of school, and me on vacation. I have been off for a mini-vacation trying to enjoy this summer. With this economy we have to get creative. If you have been following my latest postings this month you should be expecting the lastest giveaways on Mom Central. I love their giveaways they have posted up to now. Mom Central is having a Summer Giveaway Bonanza. Good luck to everyone. Here are this weeks giveaways...

Week 4: July 27-31

Win a Play-Doh Spaghetti Factory (Open to US) Enter by August 7

Win Wisk High Efficiency Detergent (Open to US and Canada) Enter by August 7

Win a Laugh and Learn DVD Set (Open to US) Enter by August 7

Win a PBS Family DVD Set (Open to US and Canada) Enter by August 7

Win a Snack Caddy (Open to US and Canada) Enter by August 7

And in case you have been enjoying your summer so much have not been around a computer here is the ones you can still enter....

Week 3: July 20-24

Win an At-home Tetherball System from Lifetime Products (Open to US) Enter by July 31

Win a $100 Gift Certificate to (Open to US and Canada) Enter by July 31

Win a Polly Pocket Playset (Open to US and Canada) Enter by July 31

Win a Wateroos Drink Pack for Kids (Open to US) Enter by July 31

Win a Birthday Party Bash for Wii game (Open to US) Enter by July 28

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Studio Movie Grill and The Ugly Truth Review

Studio Movie Grill is a movie theather where you sit and watch a movie while getting food from a waiter or waitress. Crazy idea right? Well let me tell you it was so much fun. We went to the Studio Movie Grill that open here in Houston in March. The manager was great. He handle the crowd very well. At one time he even entertained us with jokes. It was so great to be able to get a refill without having to get up. With the push of one button food was just brought to you. They even have day specials. Thursday is all you can eat pizza. And trust me, we ate. The chairs are comfortable. The menu has a variety of food to choose from. It was hard to choose one thing. This is a place we will be visiting again. The staff was great. They were so friendly. All in all it was a great evening full of good food and great company.

The Ugly Truth came out today, my birthday. We were able to go see the movie at a premier at Studio Movie Grill. The movie was great. My fiancee and I loved the movie. It was a funny romantic movie. From the beginning to the end, it was great for both guys and girls. My bestfriend, her husband, my sister in law, brother, and others that were with us felt exactly the same way. We recommend you watch this movie.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moody Gardens-Galveston, TX

I am officially on a day of vacation...a DAYCATION. We live about 1 hour away from Galveston. Since last year after the big hurricane we have not returned to visit the beach nor any attractions. I wanted to do something fun but with this economy something not too expensive. Moody Gardens is a great place which I have only visited once about 13 years ago on a Senior Class Field trip. I remembered how much fun it was and I wanted to share that with my son and fiancee. So I visited their website I went ahead and bought our tickets online and saved $10 per person. They have a special summer rate and an e-ticket special. I bought an all day pass for all three of us.

Matt & me

We arrived on time to see Dinosaurs in the IMAX 3D Theater. The dinosaurs came to life. We learned so many new things about dinosaurs. Did you know birds are dinosaurs?

Matt controlling a robot dinosaur

We then headed over to the Dinosaurs Alive experience. You have to see it to believe how amazing it is to see this creatures. The RideFilm Theater allowed us to go on a mission that really rocked, lifted us off our seats, and was a crazy ride.

Moody Gardens from the Colonel

The Colonel Paddlewheel boat allowed us to take a break, sit back and relax. We boarded the boat took our seats on the top deck and just enjoyed the view. The weather was perfect, not too hot, just enough wind, and a great view. After we arrived back to shore we went to the Discovery Museum.

Future Paleontologist

We learned about bones, all kinds of bones.

whales, fishes, penguins, etc...

At Aquarium Pyramid we saw underwater animals. We even saw penguins. One even looked like the fat penguin from Happy Feet, too cute.

Matt & Lupe

Rainforest Pyramid offered us an opportunity to learned about different plants and vegetation. You will be amazed how many plants can be food, medicine, clothes, and shelter. We ended the evening with a dip in the pool at Palm Beach. We only missed on thing, the 4D theater. But all of this was included with our all day pass. We are so tired from our wonderful adventures in Moody Gardens. There were so many things to do. We will be planning a trip back to Moody Gardens soon!

Monday, July 20, 2009

This weeks giveaways...July 20-24

mom most traveled

Smooshies 7/26

island life 808

Smooshies 7/25

the frugal girls

Enter to Win a Trix Swirls Creative Kid Art Prize Pack! 7/29

Mom Central Summer Giveaway Bonanza 2009

Week 3: July 20-24
Win an At-home Tetherball System from Lifetime Products (Open to US) Enter by July 31

Win a $100 Gift Certificate to (Open to US and Canada) Enter by July 31

Win a Polly Pocket Playset (Open to US and Canada) Enter by July 31

Win a Wateroos Drink Pack for Kids (Open to US) Enter by July 31

Win a Birthday Party Bash for Wii game (Open to US) Enter by July 28

Friday, July 17, 2009

Are you ready for the circus?

One of my birthday wishes every year for my birthday was to go to the circus. Every year on the week of my birthday, the circus is in town. But we never got to go. Thanks to Mom Central and the Feld Family for allowing me to be a part of the Mom Central Feld Family Activator program. Thanks to them my family was able to go to Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey’s Over the Top on yesterday nite. A birthday wish come true!!

My fiancee and I were joined by 4 kiddos. I say I was with 5 kiddos. When you go to the Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey’s Over the Top, it is like walking into a great adventure. Everywhere you go and turn, something is happening. Show up early to the Animal Open House and All Access Preshow. At the Animal Open House, which began at 6:00pm, we saw the furry stars up close before their big performances. The Preshow began at 6:30pm and gave us a chance to head down to the circus floor to meet the performers, get autographs, try on costumes, and clown around! These two extras were free for us as ticket holders.

We then hit our seats for the Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey’s Over the Top show. All the performances were great. And if you have been to the circus years before, let me tell you, this is not the same show you have seen. I won't ruin the show by telling you the details but there are animals, clowns, and so much......more. Here is how you and your family can go to the circus and save some money.

Ringling Bros. Coupon Code Details

The coupon code is MOM— four tickets for $44, any additional tickets are still priced at $11.
The tickets can be purchased from and by entering the MOM code in the “MC promotion” box when purchasing tickets.
Minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each.
Offer not valid on Circus Celebrity, Front Row, or VIP seating.
Cannot be combined with other offers. Service Charges, facility & handling fees will apply.

Again Thank you to Mom Central and the Feld Family. Our family had an Over the Top adventure!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I want to introduce you to a friend, fellow blogger, and the world's sweetest person I have met. Beth Davis, @PlusSizeMommy, If you have not visited her website, please do. She does reviews, giveaways, and etc. This is her new venture.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lasik surgery

So with my birthday around the corner, I have seriously been thinking of what I really want. My bff and I both share birthdays in July. She said to me yesterday, 30s are the new 20s. SO technically this year we are turning 21. I don't feel 21. Last year I really didn't do anything big for myself. I gained weighted, which I have not manage to loose. I couldn't afford my cruise, which I really wanted to take. Well this birthday for some reason seems to want some meaning, and I am willing to give it some.

I have been wearing glasses since 7th grade. First story, i use to like to wear my friend's glasses because they made me look smart or so i thought. Second story, i fell in the bath tub the first time i tried to shave my legs. Yes, that is what i get, my mom said. If God intented for us not to have hair on our legs he would have not gave us any on our legs. I hit my eye, and now have a scar. Ever since both of those stories, I have had to wear glasses. Well it hasn't bothered me before. But now my vision is getting worse as the years pass. Yes I know that is expected. But my vision is not that bad some say to me, but when i can no longer see the tv there is a problem.

My sister in law and cousin both had their's done earlier this year and have had no complains. Their vision has two to three times worse than mine. So I figure the doctor won't have as hard of a time. Plus I end up spending close if not more than $300 on the doctor's visit, glasses, and contacts. So I figure it is a good investment for me. SO wish me luck as I start my journey into correcting my vision. I will be able to wake up and not look for my glasses. I will be able to get cute sun glasses and not fight with my contacts so I could wear them. One thing at a time, this time I am going to do 21 right! hahahah

Monday, July 13, 2009

Check out these giveaways this wk July 13-17

Check out Mom Central

Week 2: July 13-17
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Jo's Blog Spot

Sun Laundry Detergent (Giveaway) 07/22

A Wrestling Addicted Mom

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a set of 250 custom stickers for yourself? 7/15

Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

Review And Giveaway: Bake Me A Wish 7/25

Review & Giveaway: Dropps 7/25


Bela Brazilian designs giveaway 7/31

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A Giveaway Addicted Mom

Dr. Laura | Praise of SAHM's - ENDS 7/16

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Precious Girls Club Prize Pack Giveaway! US/Canada - 26 WINNERS! (Ends 7/29)


Precious Girls Club Prize Pack Giveaway 7/17

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Product Review Tips from the Experts

The experts have spoken! The bloggers writing reviews at The Product Review Place were tasked with coming up with the most useful product review tips. These tips are designed to help those just starting out but can help even the most seasoned reviewers.

Read on to learn what the product review experts had to say:

I always try to get the company to realize the added exposure by offering a giveaway!

If a giveaway is tied into the review ask sponsor to direct ship. I HATE going to the post office and it takes me FOREVER to ship winners their things. Not only is it time consuming, but it can be VERY EXPENSIVE! I am going Saturday to the PO to send off things and I know it is going to cost me about $50! Two words: direct ship

Lisa from Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1

Be extremely organized. You need to keep track of items that come into your house and when you are going to post. I use outlook to keep everything organized. I organize all my e-mail into sub-folders and place everything I review on my calendar.

Louise from Momstart

Don't be afraid to ask! The worst they can do is tell you no, right?

Angie Knutson from My Four Monkeys

When I offer a giveaway along with the review, I always seem to get more hits on the post.

If your not organized you won't know what product goes where or find your notes of what you planned on saying. Take notes on the product you are trying to review. Note everything, even if you don't think its can always weed out your notes later.

Ask the company if there is anything that they want the readers to know about the never know what they might say.

Jo from Jo's Blog Spot

I think stats are important. They might want to know: how many people are viewing your blog? your google page rank or how many followers you have? Be prepared with this information.

Jaqueline from My Lil Guyz

Be detailed in your review. If your review is just 3 lines long with nothing more than general information in it, you're not helping your readers at all. Readers want to know more than what they can just read on the product's website. Plus, companies and PR folks will come back to you with other items in the future if they see you took the time to write a good review.

Also, don't be afraid to post a negative review. Make sure you mention that it's your opinion only, but don't be afraid to say why the product didn't live up to your standards. Moms want to know if it is really worth buying, or if it is just going to gather dust or be thrown away!

Storm from Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK. My first giveaways came from my persistence. I simply asked and I received.

Keonte from The Verdict: Parenting on Trial

When approaching a company, include why you're a good match for their company in your pitch. Include specific references to their company and products in your request so that it doesn't seem like a form letter.

Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot

Request a giveaway and explain that it improves visits to their site.

Ask what link(s) the company would like for me to direct my readers to visit. I am always sure to send a link to the company once my post is up.

I never, ever ship my giveaways unless I'm running them myself. I once did a week worth of them on my newest blog and let me tell you, I spent way too much money. The other issue I have now, but will soon be over, is that I don't have business cards. Sending items without them seemed so cheesy to me.

Connie of Brain Foggles

My best advice (and this may not be too popular with the PR people) is to be honest. If you didn't like the product, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do the review. Just give your open and honest opinion. Your readers are intelligent and can decide for themselves if they like it, especially if there is a giveaway attached.

Adrienne of Adrienne's House

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Bliss Best of Skintentions Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 review

Does Summer weather kill your skin every year? It does mine. I have been looking for a moisturizer that can protect my skin too. Thanks to SHESPEAKS for sending me Bliss Best of Skintentions Daily Moisturizer SPF 15.

•protects the skin with SPF 15 for UVB (burning) protection plus a UVA (aging) rating PA++
•instantly illuminates the skin with phytonutrients
•delivers vitamins, minerals and omegas to promote healthy skin

It is for all skin types. I suffer from a T zone. Sometimes my skin can be sensitive to certain products due to the ingredients they use, so I don't just try anything on my face. It did not harm my skin or give me an alelergic reaction. Not only do I like how it smells but I also like how it feels as if I have none on. I hate feeling like I have a cake layer on my face. I normally don't wear alot of make up. But i never leave home without moisturizer. If its one thing I learned from my grammy, who loved her cake face, always protect your face. It is your walking resume.

A Moisturizer on a Mission!

Go to and enter promotion code SSPEAKS before proceeding to checkout to receive $5.00 off AND free shipping on your bliss best of skintentions purchase.

Check out this video:
click here

Want to learn more:
Skin age is not necessarily specific to one’s actual age. In fact, some ‘peaus’ may even age prematurely. Many factors affect the visible age of our skin:
•biological factors (genetics, ethnicity)
•mechanical factors (repeated movements such as squinting)
•environmental factors (nutrition, stress, pollution, smoke, weather, sun exposure)

It is a well documented fact that UV rays are the primary contributor to skin aging. If we do not take preventative action now (by wearing SPF every day), our skin will reveal outward signs of aging.

Best of skintentions preserves skin’s youthful appearance by maintaining its soft, supple and healthy-glowing skin and protecting it from the sun. Phytonutrient rich garden cress sprouts effectively detoxify the skin and protect against free radicals. Lychee extract reduces negative effects of UV irradiation on cell metabolism and provides essential moisture to the skin. A cocktail of vitamins, minerals and omegas promotes healthy skin function and serves as a daily ‘dew’ diligence for visible age prevention. SPF 15 protects your skin from both UVA and UVB. Tested for measurable UVA protection levels, best of skintentions shields your skin against the biggest culprit of age acceleration and promotes a youthful complexion

Why is best of skintention’s PA++ rating important?
Currently the U.S. SPF system only measures protection from UVB rays—but it’s the UVA rays that really advance aging. The FDA plans to set standards for UVA ratings, but we don’t think age prevention can wait. So our new moisturizer uses the PA rating system from Japan to accurately evaluate its UVA protection. (Which means you can say “sayonara” to wrinkles sooner.)

•SPF 15 and PA++ UV protection: (avobenzone 3%, homosalate 8%, oxygenzone 3.5%) proven and tested protection from both UVB and aging UVA light
•Omegas: plant-derived essential fatty acids support skin barrier function and help enhance skin repair to protect skin, hydrate and smooth skin surface
•Phytonutrients: fruit-derived antioxidant vitamins A,C,E work synergistically for a powerful defense against aging free radical damage, 5 essential minerals fermented with yeast for enhanced bio-availability support healthy skin function, and vitamin B5 supports proper cell metabolism
•Botanical polyphenols from tonka beans: absorb harmful UV light and emit visibile light to illuminate skin while protecting from UV damage; soft focus diffusers blur skin imperfections and impart subtle glow

active ingredients: avobenzone 3%, homosalate 8%, oxybenzone 3.5%water, PPG-3 benzyl ether myristate, butylene glycol, cyclopentasiloxane, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate, diethylhexyl 2,6-naphthalate, lactobacillus/dipteryx odorata seed ferment filtrate, dimethicone crosspolymer, PEG-75 stearate, carbomer, glycerin, chlorphenesin, ceteth-20, steareth-20, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, sodium hydroxide, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, ascorbic acid polypeptide, sodium PCA, urea, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, disodium EDTA, pantothenic acid/yeast polypeptide, xanthan gum, fragrance, zea mays (corn) oil, polyquaternium-51, trehalose, tocopherol/wheat polypeptides, saccharomyces/copper ferment, saccharomyces/iron ferment, saccharomyces/magnesium ferment, saccharomyces/silicon ferment, saccharomyces/zinc ferment, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil, phenoxyethanol, macadamia integrifolia seed oil, lecithin, litchi chinensis pericarp extract, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, methylisothiazolinone, daucus carota sativa (carrot) root, retinyl palmitate, sodium hyaluronate, triacetin, tropolone, benzoic acid, lepidium sativum sprout extract, mica, titanium dioxide

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Suave Shower Yourself Beautiful

Shower Yourself Beautiful

I received a Suave In-Home Shower Kit and was able to throw a party with a few close friends to introduce them to the new Suave body washes and lotions. With so much happening in our lives, we as mothers never have time for ourselves. No "ME" time. How great is it to be able to relax, get a pedicure, and have fun with your girls? I called my girlfriends and told them to leave the kids at home. Head over to my house and come get pampered. The new Suave® Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Indulgent Body Wash was our favorite. Along with this great Suave In-Home Shower Kit came great tips I want to share with you.

Actress Holly Robinson Peete Offers Tips for Making the Most of Life’s Small Indulgences

The forecast for this summer is “showers!” While expectant brides and moms enjoy their celebratory showers, women everywhere -- including busy moms whose own showers have long gone – can shower themselves with small indulgences that make them feel beautiful every day. Actress and busy mother of four, Holly Robinson Peete offers her personal tips on how women everywhere can shower themselves beautiful this summer:

Slip into a Delicious Fragrance
Wear an alluring fragrance that makes you feel beautiful. Skip perfume, which can feel heavy on skin in the summer, and try new Suave® Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Indulgent Body Wash. Infused with cherry blossom extracts and Vitamin E, this body wash leaves skin pampered and moisturized, with a delicious fragrance

Book an Appointment with Yourself
Shower yourself beautiful by hosting an at-home spa day. Invite girlfriends over for manicures and pedicures and paint fingers and toes summer-inspired shades of sorbet. Once nails are dry, generously apply a moisturizing body lotion to keep hands and feet soft and smooth all summer long.

Schedule a “Tea” Time
Studies show that taking even a two minute break from your hectic schedule can reduce stress levels. Try this trick to add some relaxation to your daily grind. Instead of rushing through lunch, schedule a leisurely tea time for yourself complete with mini tea sandwiches and a cup of chamomile tea. Then get settled in a quiet part of your home or office -- free of distractions -- to start your summer reading list.

Love, Me
Send yourself some flowers -- especially if you already need to swing by the florist to pick up flowers for a wedding or baby shower. Seasonal summer flowers, such as lavender and sweet pea, are a budget-friendly way to pamper yourself and brighten up your home.

Trade in your daily shower for a relaxing bath that’s fit for a queen! Transform your bathroom into a private sanctuary by lighting an aromatherapy-inspired candle and playing your favorite tunes. Be sure to use Suave® Naturals Lavender Vanilla Calming Body Wash. The soothing scent of lavender will calm your senses and transport your mind to a tranquil oasis. Looking for more ways to shower yourself beautiful?

Suave has a sweepstakes site, where you the readers and my shower guests can create a different registry for a chance to instantly win your chosen prizes, and also be automatically entered for a chance to win the ultimate at-home shower for yourselves and your friends. I have a special link for you, my readers to access the site. Visit the following link,
Shower Yourself Beautiful

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MommyDocs Summer Staycation Safety Tips

As it turns out, more and more families are spending extra time at home because of the economy. According to a recent survey done by Clorox, over 60 percent of the Moms surveyed reported an increase in cleaning around the house as their families now spend more time at home. And, not surprisingly, Moms want to save time and money for all of this extra cleaning. Mom Central got together with the MommyDocs and came up with a list of Five Tips for Summer Staycations to keep your family safe and your house cleaner during the summer months this year.

Staying Safe at BBQs.
According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Moms are cooking more at home and many are likely switching up their meal routine with an outdoor BBQ. Make sure your kids have a safe BBQ experience by keeping them away from the flames and any sharp knives. Also, don't forget to check that your child's hamburger is fully cooked. Always keep a thermometer on hand to be sure all food has reached the appropriate inside temperature.

Keep the Pool Cool and Clean.
If your kids love to spend hot afternoons in kiddie pools, you know the importance of cleaning the pool area. Dump out water after each session, and keep the pool clean by disinfecting it with a solution of ¾ cup bleach* to one gallon of water. Don't forget to rinse well and dry thoroughly after each cleaning (never leave any water in the pool). Be sure to always supervise children when they are in or around any water. (* Always remember to read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products)

Staying Healthy and Hydrated.
Spending time in the heat means kids will be more prone to becoming dehydrated. Remind kids to take frequent rest/drink breaks in the shade when playing outside and try to avoid activity during peak sun hours. Encourage fluids before, during, and after outside activities.

Having Peace of Mind at Playgrounds.
ometimes just getting out of the house is the best way to keep it clean, but before letting kids loose at the playground, ensure the safety of the equipment. Swing seats and slides can really heat up in the sun – test them out before your kids hop on to avoid burns. Be sure the playground surface is composed of a soft material to help prevent injury. All playground equipment should be routinely checked for any broken or loose parts. As always, adult supervision is a must at all times!

Saving on Spills.
Spending extra time around the house, especially with kids, often means more spills to clean up. Synthetic sponges and kitchen cloths can start to smell and carry bacteria, but you don't have to toss them out after a few uses. One option to reduce bacteria is to sanitize sponges and dishrags by soaking them in a bleach solution (¾ cup of bleach* to a gallon of water) for 5 minutes in the sink. Don't forget to rinse and dry when done. A wet sponge can also be microwaved to get rid of bacteria. (* Always remember to read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products)

Thanks MommyDocs and Mom Central.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Giveaways this week July 6-12...

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey’s Over the Top**CLOSED**

Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey’s Over the Top will be in Houston, Texas from July 15, 2009 - July 26, 2009.

Ringling Bros. Coupon Code Details

The coupon code will again be MOM— four tickets for $44, any additional tickets are still priced at $11.
The tickets can be purchased from and by entering the MOM code in the “MC promotion” box when purchasing tickets.
Minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each.
Offer not valid on Circus Celebrity, Front Row, or VIP seating.
Cannot be combined with other offers. Service Charges, facility & handling fees will apply.

Animal Open House and All Access Preshow

Be sure to get to the arena early to check out the Animal Open House and the All Access Preshow. At the Animal Open House, which begins at 6:00pm, you can see the furry stars up close before their big performances. The Preshow begins at 6:30pm and will give you a chance to head down to the circus floor to meet the performers, get autographs, try on costumes, and clown around! These two extras are free for all ticket holders.

Thanks to Mom Central and Feld, you can win a 4-pack of tickets to opening night on Wednesday, July 15.

Here is how to enter:

1) Tell me why you want to win the tkts? (1 entry)
2) Follow my blog (1 entry)
3) Follow me on twitter @independentmami (1 entry)
4) Tweet about this contest, please leave your link (1 entry)
5) Leave a comment on my blog post ask parents....(1 entry)
6) Enter my all detergent contest ends 07/04 (1 entry)

Giveaway ends 07/07/09, at 7 am. Please remember to leave your email address on every post. Winners will be notified and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Thank you for entering and GOOD LUCK!!