Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to School

Back to School is right around the corner for us. With this economy we have to find creative ways to make ends meet and stretch that $1 out. This year my son has to wear uniforms so I need to buy all new school clothes. Even sweaters and jackets have to be the uniform colors. He will only be at this school one more year for his last year, 5th grade.

Check out kiddiescornerdeals from August 1-15 for the Back to School Bash. I know I am. There are many sponsors for this event so you don't want to miss out. So stop, go right now. One more time, go to kiddiescornerdeals. What are you waiting for? The bell to ring....


A.Marie said...

I would hate to have to purchase an entire wardrobe just for one school year. UGH!

cathy said...

One year?! Ugh, what a bad one.