Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I want to introduce you to a friend, fellow blogger, and the world's sweetest person I have met. Beth Davis, @PlusSizeMommy, If you have not visited her website, please do. She does reviews, giveaways, and etc. This is her new venture.


Hey everyone,
I am writing to you all today to tell you about a NEW (yes another one) business venture I just entered into with an awesome tech guy from PITTSBURGH, so we are ALL Pittsburgh Based.
I am sure you all heard of ? Well, Me, being a mom and woman I am and wanting to "change the world from MALE dominance", LOL especially in areas where woman aren't very much "discovered" yet.
I went into a partnership and created
NOW, instead of going to for your website,blog,,,,etc... You can come to Mommy ;) (ME). I bought it, I own it. It has TIERS of technical support and safe and secure!!!
Visit : TODAY and check it out. If you already have a site, blog, whatever and you want to transfer to me ?

I am currently offering 1 YEAR of Free service when you transfer your domains to

transfers start at $9.99

Thank You for all of your support, and if you don't need this service, but maybe know someone who does ?? Word of Mouth Marketing /referrals is what RAWKS my world !!!

Have A Bright and Cheery Day , We're all searching for "The Dream" Together, so why not help each other?


please visit my blog:
email: OR
facebook:Beth Anne Gernhardt Davis
Twitter: @plussizemommy
linkedIn : Beth Davis

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