Friday, March 8, 2019

Discovering Backyard Wilderness

How connected are your kids?  I do not mean to the WiFi but to the outdoors.  We are a society that has a schedule for screen time but do you schedule outdoors time too?  Do you?  No judgement from me remember that I am the mom who decided to make this year's resolution to be outdoors more.

Thanks to the Houston Museum of Natural Science for inviting our family to a screening.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

My daughter recently was assigned a science fair project.  Remember those?  You were given a topic, you have to do research, and then you have to present all your findings.  Every the projects were different.  My daughter is in the first grade and this year they were assigned different animals.  She was so excited to be able to make her selection.  My daughter loves animals.  She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  She came home with her assigned animal and I was  ready to hit the library.  You know, to do our research from inside a book.  Just then we received the special invitation to watch the new 3D documentary - Backyard Wilderness: The Wild Around You at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  

Synopsis-In Backyard Wilderness: The Wild Around You, follow a young girl who discovers the intricate secrets that nature has hidden close to her front door.  Absorbed by electronic devices, young Katie and her family are blind to the natural splendor all around them—until Katie uncovers a new world.  This stunning film reveals animal inhabitants in rare and breathtaking detail, inside dens and nests, and moving along forest floors and pond bottoms.

When I was younger, I was not encouraged to get outdoors.  Research was done in the library, inside the books.  When my son was in school, he was encouraged to do his research in the web.  The internet is a plethora of information.  But I have always encouraged my kids to be hands on, explore, and be creative.  I liked that this 3D movie invites you to step outside because you never know what you will discover.  There is a whole other world, if you stop and pay attention.  Disconnecting from our electronics and connecting with the environment. 

Our family recommends this movie.  We think it is perfect for families and it is for all ages. 

For tickets and more information on Backyard Wilderness, visit or call (713) 639-4629. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Crated with Love

February is upon us.  Did it creep up on you like it did with me?  I bearly remember celebrating the New Year.  How do you greet month two of this year?  Is it the month of LOVE for you?  or not?

Thanks to Crated with Love for providing sample for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

My mother in law gave me the best advise recently.  She said that marriage is about two people who are willing to fight for each other.  If it was easy everyone would stay married for ever.  It takes work from both, each giving an equal amount of love, passion, and devotion.  Not one giving more than the other.  She reminded me how in the beginning when we first are dating, boyfriends and girlfriends work hard to impress and win each other over.   Is it that simple?

My husband and I were having a conversation about the beginning of our relationship.  We talked on the phone for hours, daily.  We went on dates, weekly.  Month by month our relationship grew.  Thinking back, we realized how special those times were.  We both realized that over the years we had lost some of that.  Our focus went from each other to the schedules, routines, and deadlines.  Many with long lasting marriages have told us, that life is not about those things but about the one that stood by you.  I am thankful for those that continue to remind us that we have to nurture our relationship.

Do you and your partner go on date nights?  My husband and I do.  I try to get as creative as possible so that it is not the same ole, same ole thing we do every time.  But coming up with ideas can get hard at times.  Wish I had a little help...

Put it out in the world and the world answers, right?  Heard of Crated with Love?  It is a subscription box service that sends couples at-home date nights that focus on strengthening their relationship through activities and games created by a team of experts.

Sounds fun and super easy.  So, what's in the box? 

Every box shipped includes 4 or 5 date night challenges or activities along with all the items needed.  The goal being to help inspire laughter so that couples can reconnect and create quality time together.

We enjoy our one on one alone time.  It is our time to rekindle our relationship and remember how it all came together.  My husband and I love playing games.  This is what happened with our box.  

Unboxing was a mystery within itself.  Our box was cute and so perfect for us.  The challenges were so much fun for he and I.  We talked, we laughed, and talked some more.  We were able to unwind and have fun.  Play a game that had us working together.  Suddenly we were not talking about work or the kids, we were in our own space.  

This month, how about trying something different?   

Crated with Love offers a monthly date night box delivered right to your door!  It makes the perfect gift for a love one.  For more information, go to

Monday, January 28, 2019

Things To Do In San Diego

Four years ago, I fell in love with San Diego.  Before I visited, I created my very own San Diego bucket list.  It was a wonderful trip that my husband and I were able to take.  I did not get to cross everything off my list but I told myself, I would be back.  And of course, my wish was to have my children be able to experience this beautiful city as well.  Fast-forward to 2018, my son is stationed in San Diego and living on Coronado island.

Who would have known that this is how life would play out?  I love that I get to visit once again.

Here is my list of Things To Do in San Diego:

1)  Tour a Haunted Hotel-Who knows what you will see at Hotel Del Coronado?  Go for the curiosity, stay for the view.

2)   Hop Aboard the USS Midway-You do not need to bring your own sailor for a private tour.  There is a free audio tour available in several languages that is very interactive.  The volunteers are great too.  Stop and hear their stories, they have many to share.

3)  Hang out with the Seals-You may not be able to hang out with the Navy Seals but the La Jolla seals will even pose for you.

4)  Tour Caves-Do you dare travel down this tunnel?

5)  Experience the San Diego Zoo-It is an adventure.

Don't forget to check out-
-Seaworld San Diego

I could not believe how many things I missed doing the last time I was in San Diego.  I even found new things I wanted to add to my list.  Most of the items on my list I did on the fly, very inexpensive, or even free.  The city is tourist friendly.  You can find discounts online.  If you have time, plan ahead.  If you have active military or veterans, ask for discounts.  Parking was no problem. 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Getting Nutty in 2019 with PBfit

How was all the yummy holiday food?  Did you over indulge?  Did you leave your healthy eating habits at the door?  I mean, I understand.  Abuelas tamales are the best.  Who can blame you, when all the desserts you have been waiting to eat all year were neatly displayed on a giant table in front of you!

Thanks to PBFit for providing samples for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Time to get back on track and bring all those healthy eating habits back.  You know what to do. (This is what I tell myself!)  But after all that sugar intake, your body might start craving it.  Cravings are hard to fight off.  This is my biggest problem.  Can you go cold turkey?  I can’t. I have a sweet tooth all year long.  Fighting a sugar craving is really hard for me in a house full of sweets.  The problem is also a world of products full of sugar.

We have to make the change.  The manufacturers are not going to make the changes.  Some are trying to reduce sugar.  Others are finally keeping it real on the labels. It is our job to know what we are putting in our mouths.  Do you check your labels?  I am guilty of not doing this all the time.  But why should we have to check the labels every, single time.  Why not just find products that we know are good for us?  Maybe a brand that does the work you.

PBfit has taken away-90% of the fat and two-thirds of the calories. (Compared to regular peanut butter)   Made from real roasted, pressed peanuts.  With a dash of organic coconut palm sugar and kosher salt. All-Natural – Gluten Free – Protein

Now available in Sugar Free! This is one New Year’s resolution that will be easy to keep.

Celebrate National Peanut Butter Day with this PBfit & Grape Smoothie - 3 ingredient recipe


1 cup almond milk
1 cup frozen grapes


Combine all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until thick and creamy. Pour into a large glass and enjoy!

Calories 165 • Fat 5g • Protein 11g • Carbs 32g • Fiber 5g

Monday, January 14, 2019

My NoSweat Resolution for 2019

Looking back at 2018, I realized I wanted to be outdoors more in 2019.  I think I became a hermit the last couple of years.  It was like I was allergic to anything that had to do with stepping out of my front door.  But I plan on changing that this year.  I want to return to my roots.

Why, you ask?  Well I think it is important for our health to not get into the rut of sheltering yourself from anything and everything.  The world is a scary place but it becomes less scary the more you face it.  I am challenging myself to be outdoors at least once a week.  I used to go outdoors every day in the past.  Somehow I got comfortable just hanging out at home and being a homebody.  Total opposite of my character and how I had lived my life.

Thanks to NoSweat for providing product for review. All opinions stated are my own based on my
personal experience.

The challenge is to step out.  Embrace today.  Do what comes natural.  Explore the unknown.  There are so many things to enjoy and do outdoors:

Ride a bike.  Riding bikes is not just for little kids.  It is the new cool thing to do, actually.

Take a stroll.  Walk.  Have you ever just walked with no place to go?  It is amazing what clarity you get.  How lost in the moment you could be?

Climb as high as you can go.  Try something new.  You may have not thought about rock climbing. Start small and then go big.

Run, forest, run!  You don’t have to find a forest or do you?  The air is so different there.  Find a park.
Let the wind hit you in the face.

Sit and be still.  Just be there.  In that moment.  You and what is in front of you.  Close your eyes and use your ears.

Don’t sweat the small the things. Do more of the big things. Pick a side and just go for it.

Whatever the excuse I will give myself, whether it be working out, traveling, outdoor recreation, or just nothing; the one thing I know is-I won’t be sweating things this year. 

Well, NoSweat has me covered on that aspect.  NoSweat thin, disposable liners stick to the inside of headwear to instantly absorb sweat and prevent odors, stains and even acne.  The liners are soft and lightweight and each one can last up to two weeks.

-Peel it
-Stick It-

NoSweat it!