Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Everyone Loves Grace

Our daughter loves to read.  But I remember that my son did not.  I had to fight with him just to get him to read the minimum required by the school for his homework.  I had to find books that he liked and even then, this was still a challenge that we continuously fought about.  

Thanks to Katy McQuaid.  My daughter received a review copy.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Since learning to read, this girl always has a book in her reach.  As she has gotten older, she is getting picky about the books she wants to read.  She is adventurous, so she definitely loves to read stories that take care on adventures.  The adventures take her to places she has never been to or sometimes places she has been to.  

If you can find a great book series, you can make a little reader very happy.  

My daughter loved going on this adventure with Grace.  She was so happy to find out that Grace was a dog.  Because of course, she loves animals.  She was excited to find out that Grace was traveling to Texas.  And the rest, you will have to read on your own.  No spoiler alerts.  I will tell you that this was a book that she did not put down.  She literally read it from start to finish.  And when she was finished, she loved talking about it.  She told me what she learned and wanted to find out what other adventures Grace was going on.  

Katy, the author of the “Everybody Loves Grace” illustrated book series aims to give kids hope and courage as they face life’s many challenges.  The books are based on true stories told from the perspective of Katy’s beloved Finnish Lapphund, Grace The inspiring lessons are written in a fun, light, and humorous tone while addressing some of the most challenging situations people encounter in life.

“In summary,” says Katy, “this book series is an acknowledgement that we need to treat each other well, and that we have the ability to have a profound impact on others’ lives with simple acts of kindness.”


Unknown said...

I remember having the same problem as your son when I was younger. Only when they left me to my own devices did I finally learn to enjoy reading.

Jim M said...

I have always been a big reader. In hindsight, I think it's so important developmentally - expanding your knowledge, vocabulary, perspective, etc. It's great that this series is encouraging young readers!