Hola! I am Alba, the Mami behind Independentmami. Becoming a single mother helped me find my independence. This blog started when I started sharing my stories, mishaps, confessions, and queries. I was not expecting it to evolve into much more than that but it has. I have shared everything on this blog from my early single mother days to my happily ever after story that is to be continued...

Don't let the blog name confuse you. Behind this Mami is a Papi.

We share a love of music, and sports. We have known each other since middle school but did not start our relationship until social media brought us back into each other's lives. Yes, you read that right. A little friend request led to us being inseparable.

And the reason we do it all is them..

MJ will be a Senior this Fall. He is very independent like his mama. Future Engineer!

Lil Bit will be starting Pre-K this Fall. She is a handful. A princess diva in every aspect, and a feisty tomboy too! She is a good combination of my husband and me. 

Now that I have introduced us to you, go ahead and explore the blog.