Monday, August 26, 2019

Code Ninjas Pearland - Silverlake

Another year is upon us now, are you ready?  As a parent, we worry about our children being prepared or ready for the life they will live.  We want to prepare them with all the tools they will need.  Is your child ready for the 2019 - 2020 school year?

Thanks to Code Ninjas Silverlake for inviting my daughter to check out their place.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Technology is improving our world, day by day.  We are in the age of technology.  The things I learned when I was in school, are now part of old history and there is a new age of stories to be told.  I want to prepare my kids.  Coding is taking over and is everywhere.  Do you know how to code?

What if there was a place that could teach your child about coding in a fun environment?  Code Ninjas is a center for learning valuable skills with a game-based curriculum for kids ages 7-14. 

Your child can build, play, and learn at their own pace as they gain ninja skills.  They will be guided and helped by the Code Senseis®.  They will receive color-coded wristbands and lesson plans to match their skill level.  As they advance from white to black belt, they will receive special recognition.  

I had my reservations that my daughter would not be able to even figure out what to do.  But she easily absorbed everything that was being shown to her.  She went through a lesson and was coding.

As scary as new things may be, it is ok to try them.  Code Ninjas makes it super easy to be a hovering parent at arms reach.  Your child will not only build video games while learning to coding, but also construct and play with cool robotics, and engage in fun STEM games and activities.

If you are looking for a place to take your kids after school that they will enjoy, Code Ninjas has a flexible year-round schedule.  Find out more information, go to

Code Ninjas - 8325 Broadway St.Suite 224, Pearland, TX 77581

Friday, August 16, 2019

Houston: Fandemic Tour 2019 is Back

The new convention experience that hit Houston last year is back this year with even more celebrities, panelists, and guests.  Fandemic Tour is coming to NRG this October 18, 19, and 20. 

Disclosure-This post is in collaboration with Fandemic Tour as a brand partner.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

My family and I had a great time last year at Fandemic Tour.  There was so much to see and do and this year there is so much more that has been added to the programming.

Whether you are a comic fanatic, a superhero nerd, or Cosplay geek, you will want to check out this year's line up, guest list is still growing by the way.  You can check out the celebrity list here.

Who here is This Is Us fans?  We are huge fans of Milo Ventimiglia, Jack from This Is Us.  Also from Gilmore Girls, Heroes and the cutie in Second Act will be available on Oct 19 and Oct 20.

Fandemic Tour is a family affair.  We like to check out the exhibitors and artists. 

My husband and kiddo are both ready to meet Charles Martinet the Nintendo voice actor for Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and more.

Tickets are available for purchase now at Fandemic Tour.

General Admission

$40 — Friday Pass
$50 — Saturday Pass
$45 — Sunday Pass
$75 — Full Weekend Pass

• Each paid adult may bring up to two children (aged 10 or under) at no charge. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
• All general admission ticket sales are final. No refunds will be given due to any particular guest's need to cancel an event.

Don't forget to the join the conversation on October 20 for your chance to win tickets. Follow me @independentmami and @moneysvgparent on Twitter and join the discussion using #FandemicHouston.
Must be 18+ to participate and eligible to win prizes.

Grand Prize is Fandemic Fan 3-Day VIP with access to the VIP lounge, swag bag, and so much more...

Prizes include a 3-Day general admission, a Fandemic Swag lunchbox, a signed copy of Jane Two by Sean Patrick Flanery, and autographed photos from:

Charisma Carpenter
Sebastian Stan
Bella Twins WWE
Milo Ventimiglia

Be sure to RSVP "going" on the event page, follow @moneysvgparent on Twitter at -

To be eligible for prizes!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tips to a Better Massage - Pure Vichy

Are you getting massages?  How frequent and what kind?  Everyone's talking about self care nowadays.  We are being encouraged to take time to focus on ourselves a little more.  Massages are not to be treated as a luxury.   They should be a part of our routine self care maintenance.  I mean, who is going to take care of you, if it isn't you scheduling it in.  I choose me, so should you!

Disclosure-I was invited to Pure Vichy for a complimentary massage.  All opinions stated are my own based on my own opinion.

Now that you have chosen you, time to schedule a massage.  But wait - there are things that you need to know before scheduling your visit.  

Here are my tips to a better massage:  

1)  Aches of Interest  - Medical history matters.  Did your therapist talk to you before your massage?  It is important that your therapist knows why you are needing or wanting a massage.  You have body aches that are in need of healing and need assistance.  Is it a muscle, is it a nerve, whatever is bothering you; be upfront.  The more they know, the better they can assist the area or areas.


2)  Be in the Moment - I have gotten many massages in the past where I felt as I walked in and nothing happened.  I am the type of person that gets on the bed and will try to relax the entire time.  But before I even get to get my massage, I am not shutting down.  I am go, go, go.  So when I get to this peaceful, relaxing place - I am not able to unwind.  This happens a lot.  Find a good time to schedule your massage, when you are less likely to be full speed ahead.  Don't just squeeze it in.   Whether you realize it or not, the therapist can tell if you are relaxed or not.  Get to your appointment early, unwind, relax, turn off the your phone, and you may be able to see better results on the table.

2)  Preventative Maintenance - A massage should never hurt or leave you in discomfort.  Do your research about pressure you want?  Every body is different.  Your tolerance can change over the years.  Listen to your body.  Do not be afraid to let the therapist know if you are not appreciating a certain technique.  You may need follow up visits for continued after care.    

3)  Location - Find a place that can take care of all your needs.   I was recently invited to Pure Vichy.  It is a day spa offering many services including massages.  I had a wonderful experience and learned some valuable information.  I did not feel like I was just another person they were running in and out of the door.  The best thing was that I felt like I was at home.  Every room was very inviting.  

The care I received from all of the staff was from check in to check out, excellent.  My massage therapist was very knowledgeable.  She explained body care, stretches, and after care techniques.  She took the time to listen to what my concerns were, asks relevant questions, and gave me good feedback prior to and during my massage.  

I had a wonderful, relaxing massage.  Extra thanks to the wonderful staff at Pure Vichy.

This hidden gem is located at 2128 Welch St Suite B, Houston, TX 77019  For more information or to schedule your next massage call - Phone: (713) 429-9582 or Email:

Friday, August 2, 2019

BetterBody - In Search Of

I'm in search of a better body.  One that is healthy inside and out.  I know that what I put in my body matters and it affects my body.  I have to make better choices with the foods I put in my mouth. 

Thanks to BetterBody Foods for sending sample product.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Let's be honest for a minute.  I have fallen into the slump.  After my busy day or busy week, I do not want to go into the kitchen.  Who wants to slave over the stove?  Our schedules have been extra full that it has been easier for us to grab a bite to eat while we are out.  And keeping it real, we are foodies.  Summer, vacation, travel, and road trips have brought on a few extra pounds on top of the ones that were already there.  With the passing of my birthday and back to school around the corner, I would like to refocus what we are putting on our plates. 

Small changes can make a difference.  I have decided to try clean eating with the entire family again.  This can be hard at times.  So I decided selecting better ingredients for the meals I make is the way to start.  I am starting small with some of my favorite recipes. 

I like to meal prep on Sundays.  This helps get our week started on the right foot.  I try to make a couple of meals to offer a variety.  Usually when I use the family packs of meat, I have leftover after measuring out our meals.  I have to get creative to use all the leftovers.  One of my favorites to make with leftover chicken is Chicken Salad.  Chicken salads are not hard to make and you can add your favorites like nuts, dill, vinegar, etc...  My family likes to keep it simple.

Chicken Salad

-shredded chicken
-dill pickles
-BetterBody Foods Avocado Mayo
-hard boiled eggs

I am not one to write down recipes or measure ingredients.  A sprinkle of this, a dap of that, and a small taste here and there.  BetterBody Foods sent me a bottle of their avocado mayo.  I was excited to try it in one of my recipes.  Playing in the kitchen and getting creative with ingredients are some of my best meals.   Clean eating is a little intimidating to me.  You have to look at the nutritional facts, count calories, and balance your plate.  This is why small changes can help me stay on track, keeping me focused, and ultimately being successful.  This is why choosing good ingredients and replacing the bad ones are important. 

Avocado Mayonnaise by BetterBody Foods offers:

· Cage Free Eggs
· Non-GMO
· Doesn't contain soybean or canola oils
· Dairy-Free
· Gluten-Free
· Paleo & Keto diets approved
Check out their recipes page that offers ideas, clean eating, and does the counting everything for you.  CALORIES, FAT, PROTEIN, CARBS, etc...  These can make a big difference in your progress.

Now I can take a bite out of that.  And so can my family.  By the way, my recipe swap was a success.  The avocado mayo took my chicken salad to the next level.  It was enjoyed by all.