Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Planning the Perfect Playdate Party

I love to host parties.  Something about opening your home to friends and family brings me lots of joy.  I had taken a break from hosting parties because there is so much that goes into throwing a party.  Preparing for the party can be so overwhelming.  Trust me, I have been in tears the night before a party.  Hosting and greeting everyone, now that is the fun stuff.  Through trial and error I have learned how to do things better and more efficient, it's kinda my cheat sheet to planning a party.

Disclosure - I was selected to host a #NowMoreThanEver Disney Playdate Party.  Thanks to the sponsors of our #NowMoreThanEver party kit which included Disney, Jakks Pacific, Michael Angelo's, Popped Passion Popcorn, and Pillow Pets.  All opinions stated are own based on my personal experience.

Planning the perfect playdate party can be as easy as 1, 2, 3....

1)  Theme - A theme can drive the party.  So picking the right one could be key to your success.  Go with a theme that makes sense to you.  If you are throwing a party for a family member, pick something is true to them, something that makes them happy, and brings them joy.  Themed parties are so much more fun.  The theme will bring the decorations together. 

Personal Tips-Once you pick a theme, look around your house and see if you have any items that will go great with your theme.  We had plenty of Mickey Mouse items that we used as decor. 

You can also DIY items for your party, like creating a curtain with streamers.  This can transform a room and add a pop of color.  It can also be used as a good place for pictures.  Everyone loves balloons.  Take them to the next level by creating a balloon garland.  At the end of the party, you can hand out all the balloons to each of the kids.  What kid does not love balloons?

2)  Food - I love to feed my guests.  Any party I host, is a buffet of goodness.  If you are not hosting a charity gala or sit-down, bring out the good China dinner, then simple foods are my go-to.  Like I said, I have learned that less is more.  This way you spend more time with the guests and less time in the kitchen.  The menu should not stress you out or break your bank. 

Food that is convenient and affordable is always on my first choice.  Michael Angelo's makes it so easy with their frozen meals and party trays.  Cook in the oven or microwave.  Ready to serve. 

Personal Tips - Fruit trays are great for both adults and kids.  Sometimes kids do not like the food served at parties but they will munch on the fruit.  Save some money by creating your own fruit tray with some of your favorites, and don't forget to add some cheese squares.  Save time, take the stress out, and grab one from the store that is ready to serve.   

Another favorite is popcorn.  This can be fun.  Make bracelets or necklaces with popcorn.  All you need is a needle, string, and popcorn. 

Here is an easy to make Pixie Dust Popcorn:


  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Vanilla Candy Melts
  • Sprinkles

1.  Pop the popcorn according to instructions on package.
2.  Microwave candy melts in microwave-safe bowl, pausing every 20-30 secs to stir.  Repeat until melted.
3.  Drizzle the melted vanilla over popcorn and stir in sprinkles.
4.  Place in the fridge for 5-10 mins to allow the candy to harden prior to serving.

If you don't have time, I know that you will be a winner with a Popped Passion Popcorn Cake.  You can order a customize popcorn cake and have it shipped directly to your door ready to enjoy!

3)  Entertainment - You do not have to have a strict itinerary to have fun.  Games can keep a party going, make your guests have so much fun, and it keeps everyone entertained.  Find games that are appropriate for your guests.  You can make small game areas so that everyone can rotate and enjoy.

Personal tips - Plan ahead and try out the games yourself.  Troubleshoot things before the party.  If you have crafts that need extra supplies, you can prepare small kits for each guess with all the pieces already included.  These can also be taken home, if guests are too busy having fun at the party.    

Assign helpers to game zones.  My daughter tried out all the games and was a handy helper to all the smaller kiddos.  You can shoot the parents emails with instructions for the games ahead of time.  This way they can participate along with their kids.   

Communicate with parents to see what are some of their kiddos favorite games to play.  I have hosted game nights before and we ask each person to bring a new game for us to play.  This keep guests from getting bored and they get to share one of their family favorites.

Play it by ear, let loose, and enjoy your party.  Being a host should not be scary.  The next time a mommy asks for you to host the next play date, you will be ready. 

Do you have any tips that you have learned?