Friday, March 27, 2009

Houston Bloggers

I am looking for Houston Bloggers to contact me...more to come. Become a follower to my blog. Send me an email that you are now following me to subject line Houston Blogger please leave me your contact information so I can get in contact with you, and please leave a link to your page.

If youwould like more information on a special project opportunity.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wii Fit Week 2

Ok so it was has been one week since I got my Wii Fit. And yes I am still loving it. I am glad to admit I have lost 2 lbs. My BMI has gone done. And guess what my age is no longer 48, I am my exact age 30. In one week I have managed to do all this. I have unlocked many more games. I am having so much fun doing it too. My favorites right now are the Hula, Step, and boxing. I love that it keeps up with everything that i do. Running a body test on a daily basis lets me know where I am at. My posture has certainly improved. This is more than just a game to me. All the classes that I was taking at the YMCA I can do in my house on my time. I really think i get a better workout now. My abs are killing me but in a good way. I actually feel a burn. And after an hour it tells me to take a break. I use to kill myself before at the YMCA for hours. And now I enjoy getting on and working out. I love it. I feel so good about myself I actually went and chopped off all my hair. Yes, you heard right. I have been wanting this haircut for 2 years now and have not had the guts. But this new me is feeling great. Until next time. Wii Fit still rocks.

Friday, March 20, 2009

To Wii Fit or Not to Wii Fit

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Informational post only.Well in my quest to loose weight I have decided to try the new Wii Fit. Months before my wedding, trying to squeeze into a wedding dress is a challenge. I need all the help I can get. I have tried the gym, YMCA, and on my own, but I go strong for awhile and then what nothing. So I am giving this a try. I asked around wondering what people thought with their purchase. Everyone seemed to be in love. Still I was very skeptical. So my fiance decided to give me one. We opened it up and set it up. I decided lets go ahed and give it a try. I set up an Mii to look like me, short, and stubby with glasses. Next it gave me a body test. Well guess what I am obese according the the height to weight chart. I weighed me and it was not good. But it gave me a reality check. The Wii Fit also gives you your BMI number. It allows you to set up a goal. All of this was great information for me. No need to be embarrased and need for anyone else to know, you can even password protect your information. It also told ran a balance test on me, well i knew i am not balanced. I'm always tripping on my own two feet, and my heals seem to hurt all the time. Well i am out of balance. I don't stand with my weight correctly proportioned. Next we entered the games, Yoga, Strength training, Aerobics, and balance. I tried a little of everything. Needless to say, I love my Wii Fit. I actually was sweating. After an hour it tells you to take a break. So i did.

Day two:
I had had a long day at work. We went out to dinner and to the grocery store. After all that time had flown. I had gotten home, clean up a little bit, and put everything up. And yes I hit the Wii Fit at 10 p.m. Because it is in my home I can use it when ever I want. The Wii Fit is so interactive it even told me it was impresses because it was late for me to be trying to exercise. I did strength training and Yoga for an hour. I was sweating more than the day before. Wow. I felt so tired and worn. I love it. It was so much fun. Again have I said how much I love my Wii Fit.

I will continue using my Wii Fit and continue to check my progress as it keeps up with all of that. In no time I should be in my wedding dress.

Monday, March 16, 2009


***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Informational post only.I volunteered to go on a field trip recently. My fourth grade son went to the Texas state capital, Austin. We had to wake up at the crack of dawn and be at the school. 3 bus full of kids ranging from 4th to 5th grade. Wow. Well let me tell you, I learned so much about our state of Texas. I never got to go out of town at that age with my parents much less with the school. We visited the capital building where we were met by one of the workers who took a picture of all the kids who attended. We then were taken to one of the conference rooms where we watched an interesting video of how the capital building was built. It was so interesting to me. Then we were taken to the Bob Bullock Texas State Museum. We went into a theater where the experince cannot be explained. It was great. We gone rained on, felt high winds of a hurricane, and even had a snake hss under our seats. The kids loved it. We then ate lunch. Then we came back to watch an Imax movie, Texas. I was a wonderful movie that made me love Texas even more. If you ever get a chance to go to Austin, Texas check out the capital and the museum. They are a wonderful part of our history.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pledge To End Hunger

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Informational post only.Tyson and several others have teamed up to Pledge to End Hunger. This is an awesome program that will help make a difference in childhood hunger.For each pledge made via the online form, Tyson will donate 35 lbs of food product (the equivalent of 140 servings) to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in Austin during the SXSW ’09 Interactive Festival. Here is the url for detailed information: Please help spread the word by posting on your blogs, tweeting #HungerPledge , etc....Let's make a difference!


***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Informational post only.So with the economy going the way it is going I have been becoming more and more concious of how we spend our money. So I decided to try it out but this time for real. I asked a friend at work if she was using the coupons from her Sunday paper. She gave them to me as she was not using them. I cut out every coupon. My hand hurt by the time I was done. She had been keeping those in a pile in her recycables. So i basically spent all mornings cutting coupons. Then I sorted through them. I put them in stacks by month. I found some really good ones that offered free items as well. So after sorting through the coupons i made my grocery list. I put a star next to the items I had coupons for. I had coupons for most of the items I needed. I didnt even realize there were coupons for milk. I went off to my local SuperWalmart. I went down the ailes looking for the best deals some items were not on sale but with the coupons it made them on sale. I save $20 this shopping trip on normal items I would usually purchase. I didn't think I would save this much but I did. So all in all my experiment work. I will be buying the Sunday paper now and get my coupons cut for my next shopping trip.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Informational post only.So we recently took a trip to Chuck E Cheese. And what a surprise we got. We were greeted by the greeter who stamps you. But here is the kicker. We were told all the tables were reserved. Not one table was available for walk ins. We were asked if we were with a party, have lunch, or just there to have fun. We were there to take the kids out. So we were told the only way to get seated by the attendant at the ice machine was to place an order for food, otherwise we would have to wait until a table became available. But get this, there were many tables that were available and empty. But of course we took the kids there for lunch and games. So we placed our order for food. And were seated by the attendant at the ice machine. Wow never did I think I would need to call ahead or make a reservation at Chuck E Cheese. I would think with this ecnomy the way it is they would not want to push away customers. I am not sure if this is something new that they are doing or if this was just this Chuck E Cheese. Many times we have had get-2-gethers at Chuck E Cheese and have never had a problem or this issue. My co-worker said she experienced the same thing. I looked online at their website looking to see if this is on their home page as a new thing but I didn't find anything on the matter. So be advised the next time you go to Chuck E Cheese, be ready to wait to be seated.