Friday, March 6, 2009


***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Informational post only.So with the economy going the way it is going I have been becoming more and more concious of how we spend our money. So I decided to try it out but this time for real. I asked a friend at work if she was using the coupons from her Sunday paper. She gave them to me as she was not using them. I cut out every coupon. My hand hurt by the time I was done. She had been keeping those in a pile in her recycables. So i basically spent all mornings cutting coupons. Then I sorted through them. I put them in stacks by month. I found some really good ones that offered free items as well. So after sorting through the coupons i made my grocery list. I put a star next to the items I had coupons for. I had coupons for most of the items I needed. I didnt even realize there were coupons for milk. I went off to my local SuperWalmart. I went down the ailes looking for the best deals some items were not on sale but with the coupons it made them on sale. I save $20 this shopping trip on normal items I would usually purchase. I didn't think I would save this much but I did. So all in all my experiment work. I will be buying the Sunday paper now and get my coupons cut for my next shopping trip.

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Ms. Candice said...

Once you start couponing, you can't stop!
You should check out some of the blogs about couponing, they are very inspirational!
Do some googling for "couponing blog" or "weekly coupon deals" or some such phrase.
They tell you how to work weekly specials to use the coupons to their fullest extent!