Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lasik surgery

So with my birthday around the corner, I have seriously been thinking of what I really want. My bff and I both share birthdays in July. She said to me yesterday, 30s are the new 20s. SO technically this year we are turning 21. I don't feel 21. Last year I really didn't do anything big for myself. I gained weighted, which I have not manage to loose. I couldn't afford my cruise, which I really wanted to take. Well this birthday for some reason seems to want some meaning, and I am willing to give it some.

I have been wearing glasses since 7th grade. First story, i use to like to wear my friend's glasses because they made me look smart or so i thought. Second story, i fell in the bath tub the first time i tried to shave my legs. Yes, that is what i get, my mom said. If God intented for us not to have hair on our legs he would have not gave us any on our legs. I hit my eye, and now have a scar. Ever since both of those stories, I have had to wear glasses. Well it hasn't bothered me before. But now my vision is getting worse as the years pass. Yes I know that is expected. But my vision is not that bad some say to me, but when i can no longer see the tv there is a problem.

My sister in law and cousin both had their's done earlier this year and have had no complains. Their vision has two to three times worse than mine. So I figure the doctor won't have as hard of a time. Plus I end up spending close if not more than $300 on the doctor's visit, glasses, and contacts. So I figure it is a good investment for me. SO wish me luck as I start my journey into correcting my vision. I will be able to wake up and not look for my glasses. I will be able to get cute sun glasses and not fight with my contacts so I could wear them. One thing at a time, this time I am going to do 21 right! hahahah


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