Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Through my EYES........

I wrote about wanting to have Lasik surgery a couple of weeks ago and guess what I did it? I want to tell you about my experience through my eyes and not a paid person or advertisement. My sister in law and cousin had previously had the surgery done earlier this year and everything went great with them. I was very scared about what could happen to my vision. I am the type of scary cat that fears everything, and wonders of all the things that could happen. Because of course things always happen to me, and only me. How safe is it? Could I loose my vision? How much is it going to cost? All these and more questions went through my head.
First, I asked questions to all the people who had previously had surgery. They were very happy with the procedure. My sister in law and cousin were so pleased with the office they picked. The staff was wonderful, they said. The doctor makes you forget about your fears. And when they told me about the cost, I figured I needed to go see the vision doctor for my annual test anyways. Normally at that time, I get new glasses and contacts. That normally runs me at least $300. I decided the money would eventually even out and the surgery would eventually save me money in the long run.
Next I needed to pick a doctor and a center. Well if you are like me, i want to go where there are people who are satisfied, no incidents, and of course, a place where I know someone has went to. I decided to go to Lasik Vision Institute. Again, I am not being paid for this and did not receive a discount for promoting them, or anything or the sort. But i do want to tell you how great they were with me and i see why they are so busy with customer referrals. They have centers in many states. Dr. January does about 500 surgeries in a month. WOW, i didn't know that many people had this surgery done.
I went to my consultation and lasik evaluation with my mom. This consultation is FREE. The lady who attended me and did my first set tests was so nice. She explained the whole situation to me. She even told me about her experience, as she has had Lasik surgery too. Then I was moved to another room where more test were done by another technician. He was very nice too. My eyes were then dilated and more tests were taken. All my tests came out great. I was a candidate.
Note: You must have been wearing your glasses for at least 2 weeks before Lasik. I, of course, wear my glasses everyday. I hate my contacts. We are not friends. It takes me forever to put them in my eyes and by the time one is in my eyes are so irritated. I end up taking them right back out. Or on days I use to wear them, they would irritate my eyes and i would have to keep putting drops in them.
After being told I was a great candidate, we talked cost. My surprise was when I was given 25% off Custom Lasik and even offered 5% off the total cost if I paid it all the day of the surgery. They do offer payment plans with their in house credit. But i had save up money and 5% was too good to pass up. I was told it never hurts to ask for an extra discount, what can they say, NO. I scheduled my appointment 2 days later. Ok, lets take a minute for me to tell you, I am working on a rush here, adrenaline rush. I was scared but it seemed so far away at the same time. I know two days is not far away. But I put it off my mind and continued with my birthday celebrations and vacation.
Two days later was the day. My sister in law, who has had Lasik, was my support system and driver. You must have a driver to take you home. We got to my appointment on time. We laugh while I, in the back of my mind, was screaming. It seemed so easy and it was now here. They prepped me by giving me a surgical hair net, put gauze over my ears, and shoe covers. My sister in law had the head gear and shoe gear as well. The doctor came and talked about the procedure. He even was telling us jokes but by that time I was so nervous I couldn't even laugh. He called my name. I went in. They said lay here please. I was like here. Yes, there. I laid down and all HELL broke loose in my head. The bed swung around to put me under this light. You know like when you go to the dentist. Yes, scary light thinamagig. They gave me a big old Tiger to hold on too and even put a blanket on me. The surgery room is very cold. I started telling them I couldn't breath. I changed my mind, and i can't breath. I could hear voices telling me to calm down, take deep breaths, and we were ready. Next thing you know we got started. The doctor was pulling my eyelids open. Ok, this is as real as it gets! I had warned them about me not being able to keep my eyes open. You are awake the whole time, laying there looking at this light, and then just listening not moving. Everything goes through your head all at once. I freaked for a second but the procedure was starting. My sister in law and the doctor had told me, you will see light, then black, then the orange light, and then vision is back. Next eye, same thing. It seemed as it took forever but it was under 5 minutes and he was done. I could see. The procedure was done and i was taken into a separate room. After a couple of minutes the doctor looked into my eyes with one of his special machines and everything was good. I could go home. I was given goggles to wear so I wouldn't poke my eyes out at night. I was told to close my eyes for 4 hours after my surgery. My sister in law drove us home and I went to sleep.
The next day I had a follow up with the doctor. He checked my vision and guess what, 20/15 vision after one day. I have to go back in two weeks and then in two months for follow up check ups but I can see. It was scary to think and even consider doing this but now that I have done it, I'm glad. I can see again. My joke to everyone is I now have HD vision 1080 eyes...hahahha (like the HDTVs hahahha)The unknown is sometimes so scary. But I had great people on my side from the receptionist to the doctor, they were all great. I also want to thank my family because they were very supportive of me!

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cathy said...

Happy it turned out well! Lasik has to be one of the smartest things ever!