Monday, August 23, 2010

A month before the wedding...

No, I am not hearing the bells just yet. I wanted to update you on my weightloss fail and conquer issues. So after being on a diet, and exercise regimen for over 7 months now, I am finally starting to feel it working. Yes, I know just bearly now is when you can walk into the store and grab your size and it fits. No struggles, no fuss, no going bigger. I have not tried my dress on again but in 2 weeks, I will step into my dress and let's hope it zips. I have had great support from my bestfriends, and family. Everyone around has joined in the struggle. We are all on a diet, and exercising. For those who are having a hard time, I feel you. But I recommend telling your loved ones how you feel. Losing weight is hard, not reaching your goals can crack a person. I have cracked many times along this road. I am not where I want to be or where the doctor says I am suppose to be. I am still considered obese for my height and age. Obese is a very mean, harsh word.
Let me tell you a funny story that happened at my wedding shower...A friend who had not seen me in almost a year walks in through the front door. As I am talking and saying hi to them, she is looking around. I am standing in front of her but she doesnt recognize me. Last time I saw her I was wearing a 14 size dress

in a wedding we were both in. She said she heard the voice but could not find me. Funny I know. All in all I am so happy to be where I am at. Thanks to everyone. I'll keep you posted.

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SamantaTG said...

congratulations!!!!You deserve it!!!be happy :)