Friday, May 17, 2013

Fitness Friday-My BodyKey 30 Day Update

Disclosure-Thanks to Nutrilite (Amway) for providing me with Bodykey Jumpstart 30 day Kit.  All opinions are my own based on my personal experience.

So weightloss is a lifestyle change by now I hope we all understand that.  It is not an easy fad diet that we can all just miracleously lose the weight and tadahh, supermodel.  No, it is hardwork, dedication, and making life long changes to your lifestyle that will help you maintain a healthy body for the rest of your life. 

Get to my healthy body has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  Before I was able to put my mind into it and committ and done.  And yes, I would get comfortable and slack off and gain some of the weight back but I knew exactly how to get back on track.  But sometimes things get out of control, or life happens.  I was at least 10-15 lbs over weight before I found out I was pregnant.  Then I was diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy and was unable to do anything.  Then the placenta previa caused me to have a C-section.  That would mean at least 8 weeks for me and my body to heal.  But after the complications I had after giving birth, after birth hemorraging, my body really took a beating and that 8 weeks turned into 6 months of healing.  Even though I am knew all the risks my mind and body were not talking the same language, one was ready and the other was saying stop, warning, I can't.  So that is where my journey began, and this is where I am at now.

Trial and error has led me to this losing weight battle over the last 17 months, thats how old my daughter is.  I have tried it all and I still seem stuck.  I eat right, stay away from what I am allergic too, and exercise-what am I doing wrong?  the weight is still there. 

Since trying BodyKey, I have began to learn about my body.  See you cannot be successful unless you know what works for you, and not what someone else did and is doing.  In the BodyKey 30 day jumpstart kit there is a genetic test.  What is that all about?  So I told you about it here, that I was coded a Better Balancer.  So by this time I had already started the program and lost 5 lbs, woohoo.  But then nothing, like usual.  When the genetic test results were available and I got them, I still did not understand them.  I was confused.  So after taking with a Geneticist about my results, I began to understand.  Throughout all my life, fat and carbs I was made to believe that they weren't my friends.  They were bad.  So I completely shut them out of my diet.  And if I did eat them, I was told it was bad and a no-no.  When my results came back, they said my body needs a balance of fat, carbs, and proteins.  Again, a BALANCE.  It has been a hard journey to incorporate "good" fat and "good" carbs into my body.  It has been a learning process.  Before I have been on programs where they did all the work for me, and that is why I never learned.  Yes, I lost the weight but I did not learn why it worked.  I could not tell you what a "healthy-good" fat or "healthy-good" carb was.  So, after the programs ended I was left to fend for myself and guess what, I didn't know what to do.  I did know to keep calories under 1200, to eat small portions, etc...but i wasn't fueling my body with what it needed.  This is a good BALANCED day of food for me:
I hit my goal range in each of the 3 categories and I was on point with my calories for the day.  Oh what, 1800+ calories, mama miya... Yes, that is correct.  Another issue I had was not eating enough calories to fuel my body.  I was killing myself working out with bootcamps, crossfit, running, etc.. but then I was starving my body.  My BodyKey has helped me control my food intake and watch that I eat the appropiate amount of calories everyday.  My BodyKey is an online support system:
I can log in online when I am by the computer or laptop, or I can use my phone app.  I used the app as a daily journal/dairy.  One day I did eat over 4000 calories, really bad.  But I know what I ate, and where I went wrong that day.  Learning by my mistakes.  I also will tell you that I gained the 5 lbs i lost, and gained another 5 on top of that.  Here is the reason why:  I started doing Crossfit.  Crazy, I am.  So I am losing fat but I am also gaining muscle.  And muscle weighs more, so that kinda depressed me until I measured myself.  My measurements were:

hips-43 1/2

My new measurements are:

waist-35 1/2
hips-40 1/2

My journey has not ended.  My body and I are working together.  I am learning what my body needs.  With My BodyKey I learned to use the keys-the right keys. 

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