Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beechnut-Goya Baby Food Review

***Disclosure-Sample product provided to review.  All opinions stated are my own from my personal experience. 
Abuela and moms know best what a baby needs.  And of course they are always ready to tell you how they did things back in their tiempos and pueblos.  All you always here me say is, "Ay mama".  I know my mother tells me all the time how they use to feed me mangos, guavas, platanos, etc straight from their land. I try to give my kids' the best.  When it comes to their food, I try to get as fresh as possible.  But you can't always carry a mango in your bag, with a knife, and a cutting board.  Who really has time to puree the baby's food?  It can get messy.  It is alot of work.  And after all that hard work, guess what?  It goes bad if you don't eat it soon. 

Goya is a brand we have used in our home.  It is a brand that has the food we call our own.  Goya offers a variety of authentic hispanic food.  Now they have paired up with Beechnut to bring not only great flavors but healthy, nutricious baby food.  It is made with natural ingredients. 
My thoughts-So of course, i did the mami test.  I popped open a Beechnut-Goya baby food Mango.  I tasted it and I really liked the flavor.  But that doesn't really matter, guess who liked them too?  The Mango is her actual favorite.  She finished the entire jar and was asking for more.  That normally does not happen.  She is really picky about baby food.
This weekend was a full weekend for us.  I grabbed some Beechnut-Goya jars and put them in our diaper bag.  I didn't have to preplan her food.  I did not have to cut anything up.  I did not have to puree anything.  I didn't have to clean a mess in my kitchen.  I grabbed and Vamonos!!  A la calle se ha dicho!  Really convenient and I didn't have to worry about the baby not eating it.  She loved them!


Sandra VanHoey said...

It looks like she enjoyed it and if it works....I'd be doing it and saving me time too. My grandbabies are all out of the baby food now, how time flies

Janet W. said...

I noticed the new packaging this past weekend at the grocery store. I can see putting the Goya name on some of the flavors, but definitely not all. I find it a little confusing.

Mizz Alvarado said...

My daughter loved these products also! :)

LauraJJ said...

Oh I will have to tell my sister about these! Looks like your daughter really enjoyed them! My little sister likes to do the puree also, but it does make such a mess. She would really like these!

Harmony said...

Love that they offer fruit that's usually isn't available.

lilyk said...

This baby food looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!