Monday, August 11, 2014

A Summer Like No Other #CelebrateConBritax

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We have been awaiting July's arrival for over  a year now.  Last year, we were suppose to take a family vacation but it got postponed because everyone that was originally going was unable to attend.  This year, there were no more excuses.

Another reason why we were awaiting July was because it is Summer, no school, my birthday, and new additions to the family coming soon.  I got a special treat because my bosses decided to send me on a trip as my 10 year anniversary present, the week of my birthday.  A beautiful trip to San Diego, CA.
My husband and I had not even unpacked our bags when we had to repack for our big family road trip.  But before we could left, we were crossing our fingers that my niece would not be having her baby during our trip.  My niece was due right around my birthday, and we welcomed Aaden the day before we left on our San Diego trip.  My sister in law was so happy she was able to be in town and did not miss the birth of her first grandson.
We precelebrated my birthday in San Diego but came back to celebrate my birthday with my family.
But the celebrations did not stop there as our vacation countdown had begun.  We packed our bags and went on our first ever family road trip.  We even got to bring grandma along.  My sister in laws, their families, and my best friend, all headed to Florida together.  Thinking about our road trip, I had a lot to think about.  I worried about the roads, traffic, construction, hours on the road, and so much more.  One thing I did not have to worry about was the safety of my Lil Bit.
It rains a lot in Florida, the sunshine state, can you believe that?  18 hours on the road to Florida and back.  It was even scary on the way back when we were in the eye of the storm in Louisiana.

Our trip would not have been complete without our stroller too.  It was a life saver.  Tiny feet get tired really fast.  It helped us carry our snacks, water, and gear on our vacation.  Both were a part of our celebration.
Our first family vacation, 1st road trip to Florida, 5 theme parks, and lots of wonderful memories are now down on the books.  What a Summer to remember!  The celebrations were memorable.

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