Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Travel Tuesday-Seaworld San Diego

***Disclosure-I am a SeaWorld Wildsider.  Complimentary tickets to SeaWorld San Diego were provided for my husband and I.  Any opinions expressed are my own based on my personal experience.

To be a kid again and see things through their eyes is amazing.  Recently my husband and I took a trip to San Diego and we were able to visit SeaWorld San Diego together for the first time.  We asked many of our friends who travel what is on their list to visit and SeaWorld was on everyone's list.

This year SeaWorld is celebrating 50 years.  The celebrations are going on now. 

I want to share my pictures of our recent trip.  We had a blast and an experience of a lifetime.

From the moment you walk you, you get to interact and be hands on.  Start your adventure at Explorer's Reef...Have you ever touched a shark?  I have!

Then head to Animal Connections...Protect, Conserve, Discover, Share

Meet Peanut-Rescued after a bear stack, sole survivor. 

Do porcupines really shoot their quills?  We found out the answer to this question, always wondered if this was true or not.  And by the way they don't.


This the poison dart frogs, their colors are amazing.  Kiddos will recognize these from a movie.  The girl frog that falls in love.


We got a really could treat because as we were leaving, we saw the Caribbean being walked back to their area.  They do more than just stand around on one leg.  Did you know Flamingos are not born orange?  They get their color from their diet and food they eat.

When we walked in we were handed a map of the park, but I had already been online and knew where I wanted to go.  I kinda outline the park and worked my way by the show times.  But if you are not a planner like I am, SeaWorld has an app.  You can download it FREE.

Next we headed to Wild Artic...a virtual ride and then you get to see the animals.  This viewing is incredible. 

 Next we headed to the Shark Encounter, and what an encounter it is.  You like seeing Shark Week on TV, this will be your spot. 

Right next to this is Turtle Reef.  I love turtles.  My husband rescued a turtle a couple of years ago.  We cared for her until we passed.  We loved Tessa the Turtle.  When we first got her, we did not know what to do.  I remember looking online, going to the pet store, and being clueless.

We were not the only ones amazed with the turtles.  We then headed to the grab a bite to eat.  As we waited in line, I noticed the sign on the door and the Allergy pamphlet.  You can let the cooks know what your or your kiddo's allergies are.

We caught some shows in between, Blue Horizons, Pets Rule, and Sea Lions Live,

All the picture and video taking killed my battery.  Lucky we found this recharge station.  We took a quick break in between shows while we waited in the shade and recharged our phones.  You can carry your USB cord because they have an outlet for that too.

We then headed for another show-Cirque de la Mer,

 and rode the Bayside Skyride.  You can see the entire park from up there.  The breeze is wonderful.

We also rode the Manta.  I got to tell you, I screamed the entire time.  I loved it!  We then headed to the Dolphin Encounter, up close and personal. 

 We didn't Dine with Shamu but you could if you wanted to sit right up front, poolside. 

 But we did get to get a great view.  I also learned that a female's fin curves back.  Dorsal fins are not all alike.  A whale's flipper contains bones similar to those in our arms and hands.

The night was even more amazing when we got to see the Light Up The Night-Shamu's Celebration

 and the Celebrate the Wonder fireworks!!

Stay tuned as I share with you our adventures at SeaWorld Orlando when we take the kids in 2 weeks!  I can't wait to be amazed.  Have you ever been?  What is your favorite show or ride?  Do you have any tips?


Brenda Cisneros said...

Everything looks great! I have only visited Sea World San Antonio, we love the rides, specially Atlantis and Great White. Saludos!

Dancinghotdogs said...

Wow I have never been. I love how it was an atypical date night and you look so cute!

Unknown said...

I've never been! Love the flamingos.