Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Friday Challenge Yourself-Triathlon

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2014 is half way gone.  Yes, gone.  We are in the second half of July and July is almost done too.  Have you challenged yourself this year?  Are you those people that see something and say I wish I could do that?  Maybe next year, I will start tomorrow, I could never do that????  Well that use to be me.  When I saw an athlete, I did not see me.  Never did I think I could do or be athletic.  But never say never.  If you want to do something, challenge yourself and prove to yourself that you can.  The only person stopping you is YOU.

This year I completed my 4th Half Marathon-Aramco Houston never in a million years could I have said I would be a runner 10 years ago.  In order to participate in the Aramco Half or Chevron Marathon there is a lottery system you enter yourself into.  And lucky me has been picked for the 2015 Aramco Houston Half Marathon.  I am currently training for this run in January.  My training has been different this time around as I have started to ride my bike.  I had not been cycling as part of my previous training.  My husband mentioned to me the other day that all I needed to do now is started swimming and I could be a Triathlete.  I started laughing at what he said.  And then I stopped.  Why?  Was this so impossible to imagine?  

What is a Triathlon?


Yes, all back to back.

This is now my new challenge to myself.  I challenge myself to do a Triathlon.  I want to prove to myself that I can do this.  I love the water.  I can swim.  I have been running.  I am currently taking cycling classes at the gym too.  I know this will be hard but I am willing to try.  One of my favorite shows to watch is Extreme Weight Loss.  A couple of weeks ago, one of the contestants changing their life completed a triathlon.  They were not first to finish and bearly made it to each check point but they completed it.  I want to be able to say that soon.

There is one coming soon near me, I did think there were any close to me.

7th Annual Clear Lake International Triathlon is happening on Saturday, August 23, 2014 in League City, Texas!!  

Swimming into Clear Lake, Bike a loop course, crossing the Kemah Bridge and going past NASA back into transition. Run partly shaded course overlooking Clear Lake and South Shore Marina.  Official website: Clear Lake International & Sprint Triathlon

This is actually one month away from now.  How exciting.  I have a couple of friends are currently training for Tri's already.  How crazy and challenging will this be?  Have you ever thought about challenging yourself to do a Tri?  I won't say it will be easy but training is the key to not hurting yourself.  My friends and I are crazy Mother Runners, maybe now we will be crazy Mother Triathletes???

Have you challenged yourself?  Start today?


Bohemian Babushka said...

YES YOU CAN!! AND YOU WILL!!! And you'll have BB rooting you on all the way. BB2U

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