Monday, July 14, 2014

Makeover Monday-New Me

This month is my birthday month and normally I do not celebrate for an entire month.  But this year it only seems fitting that I celebrate the triumphs I have been overcoming by doing a makeover.  I really like the song Arianna Grande sings, "I got 99 problems, but you ain't 1 of them"  Basically that is how my life has been feeling lately.  My husband always says that when a woman chops off her hair she is having problems.  I never thought I was having problems when I chopped off my hair.  My hair is thick and it gets to be too much after it is so long.  I wanted a make over for me, not because of my problems.  So i went online and decided to look for a completely differently look that anything I have ever had.  This where my choices after searching for the looks I liked:
Just look at the cut, not the color.  I looked under round faces, thick hair, looks that thin out your face, and etc...and these were the final looks I liked.  I posted it on IG and FB.  #1 got the most votes.  Many told me not to do it.  My son really liked #2.  Eventually I decided I needed all gone and I really liked #3.  Especially the color.  Something different and new is what I was looking for.  So I headed to the salon and they did they work and this is the final product:
The cut is a little different.  My master stylist didn't want me to look like a boy.  She really didn't want to chop it all off but in the end she said it was my decision.  My reasoning is that it will grow out into #1 and #2 eventually.  My hair grows fast, I think?  Anyways the whole point is that this change has really given me a little attitude about myself.  It makes me feel powerful.  Not to many people have the courage to do things out of their comfort zone.  And trust me, this took a lot out of me to go through with it.  Always wanted to do it, but in the end chicken out.  I finally did it and I love it.  Chopping off my hair has set me free!
I really like that my haircut is so playful.  I can style it different ways and if I don't and just wake up, who cares.  It is short and sassy like someone told me the other day.  What do you think?  Would you chop it all off?


SensiblySara said...

You look great! And so SASSY!!

Alba Garza said...

Thank you!