Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baby's First Book Blocks Review

Disclosure-Sample product was received for review.  All opinions stated are my own.

My daughter loves books.  She always has.  I like finding learning products that help our kids learn.  Recently I was looking for gifts for a couple of friends who will be first time mamis, and was introduced to Baby’s First Book Blocks. 

It is a series of mini board books designed to entice infants to focus and develop their visual acuity. Featuring high-contrast colors, eye-catching shapes, and colorful patterns, these chunky little books also incorporate the latest scientific research about vision development, making for the perfect introductory baby books.
Book 1: Black and White—simple but interesting shapes moving into more complex shapes and patterns
Book 2: Red, Blue, and Yellow—introduces primary colors and slightly more complex shapes, moving into real patterns with multiple colors
Book 3: Color and Pattern—secondary colors and more complex patterns
Book 4: Visual Excitement—subtle shades and complicated patterns 
Studies show that during the first year of life, babies’ visual skills develop dramatically. A month-old infant will prefer sharply defined, black-and-white edges and patterns, while by 4 months of age, most babies can distinguish even subtle shades and respond to repeating patterns.

These blocks are a perfect gift for an expectant mami so they can start the interaction from day one.  They can explore, examine, and help develop their babies visual skills.  And can continue using this even when they are older.  I like all the different colors, and patterns.  My daughter really liked stacking them, describing what she saw, and it was a fun game she keeps playing with us everyday.

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