Friday, August 15, 2014

Fitness Friday-Beach Yoga

Trying something new can sometimes be very hard for one person.  Can you imagine trying to do things as a couple?  My husband and I decided while on vacation we would relax but try to stay within our routine.  I wanted to make sure get my exercise in as I never get to add this to my schedule because I am always running around with the kids.  At the beginning of this year we started working out together and it was great.  Working out together can be awesome, especially if your partner is motivating you to do better.

You may not know or feel comfortable with what you are about to try but just go with it.  As you can see from picture above, my husband felt completely out of place.  He works out and is a lifter.  This whole concept of yoga is not his thing.  I had never tried beach yoga.  But I was willing to try it, and yes, I drugged him along for the experience.  Plus, free class thanks to Hotel Del Coronado, beautiful blue beach water, and I am willing to try everything once.
At first I really felt out of place too but did not want to let my husband know.  Then I started to focus more on the sounds of the water. Beach Yoga was so calming.  One with the Earth.  Our instructor even got us in the water doing some poses out there.  We had the sand in our toes, the water hitting our feet, and the beauty of it all around us.  We may not have gotten every pose but this was awesomely peaceful.  Even my husband enjoyed it.

Do you yoga?  Have you ever tried it on the beach?  Listening to the waves crashing down, you breathing in the air, and just letting go.  Try it, this can be a whole family adventure.  We enjoyed it as a couple and there were a couple of families there together doing including some kiddos.

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