Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tasty Thursday-Big Lou's Pizza

Have you ever heard of Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio, Texas?  Well this edition of Tasty Thursday is going to feature a really big pizza...
San Antonio has almost become our second home.  We love traveling there.  Every time we hit town, we want to try a new place.  We are fan's of the DDD, and Man vs Food.  This place was featured on Man vs Food for their 42" pizza.  They started out with a 37" and now have a 42". 

Our family wanted to take the challenge but when we walked in we quickly realized you don't need to go big or go home because at Big Lou's they know how to serve you.  We walked up and told them we have 4 1/2 people and what did they recommend?  We ordered the 20".  We didn't expect such a huge pizza.....

The pizza slices were huge.  This pizza was so delicious.  So cheesy.  My husband order some breadsticks and those were good too.  It was the size of a personal pizza to me.
But we were not the only satisfied customers, grandma and Lil Bit loved it too!

We stuffed our faces and yet we were not able to finish our pizza.  Check out how much we had left:
So glad we decided to try this place out, because this pizza was yummy. 

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LS said...

Que rico!!!
ñam ñam ñam
Parece que estaba muy rica jajaja, me dio hambre!!!