Sunday, August 31, 2014

School in Session ‪#‎BTSConBritax

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2014-2015 School is now in session.   A new year, new school, and new adventures.  Every year is always different.  Some may be excited, some may be scared, and some may just be there.  This year my son is a high school sophomore.  Oh 10th grade, how I miss 10th grade!  His school moved locations again this year and so he is starting this new year at a new campus.  

 That is not the only thing changing.  He also gets to ride the bus this year.  He has always wanted to ride the bus and mami never wanted him too.  Plus, I have always been able to drop him off and pick him up.  But his new school is not conveniently on my way to work, so there was no other way.  I know I should not be this worried about him but he will always be my baby bird, no matter how old he gets.  Bus riding has always been a scary subject for me.  Wondering if the bus will get there on time, wondering if he will make it to school, wondering if he will get dropped off at the right place, and so many more thoughts just wondering around my head.  Riding the bus can’t be that bad?  I rode public transportation to school at one time.  Anyways, we waited to hear from the school for his route, bus, and times.  We received a cute little postcard from the school with the information we needed.  We also received a phone call and emails with the information.  I like that the schools are now moving forward with using social media.  Our school has a FB page and they also gave out information on there for parents.

We did some shopping here and there.  My son does not have to wear uniforms, and gets to wear pretty much anything he wants.  We some some really good deals and kinda did all our shopping in one trip.  Different stores but just one trip.  His favorite sale was the shoe sale where I got him shoes in every color.  Wardrobe check!

No school supply shopping for us before hand.  High school is different.  I wait for the teachers to tell him what he needs in their syllabus.  We then make a list and shop for all the supplies.  
The day finally came for the 1st day of school, Monday, the 25th.  
 We were up at the crack of dawn and headed to the bus stop.  I drove him to his stop, and yes it is still dark outside.  The excitement was there and he even said he was a little scared but I assured him that this all are new adventures he must face that will be lessons learned.  

I did see many mamis out there with their kiddos on their strollers, half asleep or asleep.  I have many friends that walk their kids to school.  I don't have to walk my kid to school but I am glad that our stroller reclines so my baby girl won't be all uncomfortable.
On my drive to work I see many mamis out there pushing their babies and they are falling out of their stroller or their heads are bobbing all over, our Britax B-Ready is so adjustable.  The seat can move from forward facing to rear facing easily.  I also like the undercarriage is huge.  It is big enough to hold a couple of back packs, lunch bags, and/or purses under there.  It also has a large canopy with a sun-visor.  The canopy has a ventilation window too.  The foam filled tires and 4 point suspension are great of the street and sidewalks.  I like a stroller can be be versatile and this stroller does it have it all including room to grow.  If you have another kiddo, a second seat can be added to this stroller.

No matter if you are walking your kids to school or driving them, I hope you have a wonderful safe year!


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