Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mejor Es Que Gabriela No Se Muera movie review

Miguel, writer of the torrid telenovela titled "Destiny of Love," is out joy riding and smoking pot with a few friends when he is pulled over by the cops. Things look dicey until Miguel reveals his occupation. It turns out that Bracho, the portly middle-aged cop, is a huge fan of the series. He begs Miguel for an inside scoop, and Miguel tells him that Gabriela, the show’s villain, will marry her lover. Bracho lets Miguel off the hook and quickly brags about the scoop to everyone he knows. Unfortunately, Ana Victoria, the actress who plays Gabriela, decides to quit the show and Miguel must write the character off the show by giving her a fatal disease. When the next episode reveals Gabriela's imminent demise, Bracho becomes the laughing stock of the police precinct. When he begins stalking Miguel, pressuring him to change the story line, matters quickly spin out of control and a hilarious sequence of events unfolds.
Eduardo Santamarina, Gabriela Roel, Miguel Pizarro, Dagoberto Gama, Miguel Isaac

Independentmami's review-
First of all, let me start by saying I love watching soap operas in both English and Spanish. And if you have ever watched a soap opera and love to stay glued to the tv, this movie is for you. By the end of the movie I was wondering if the soap opera in the movie, was real and what channel does it comes out on. But this movie is for anyone who loves drama, because it sure was full of DRAMA. The movie was in Spanish with English sub-titles. My family all loved it. Most of the characters from this movie are from the Spanish soap operas. It is classified as a comedy, but it had action, drama and comedy. This movie came out in February and is available now on dvd. To watch the trailer go to Mejor Es Que Gabriela No Se Muera

***Disclosure-I received a copy of the movie to review.

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