Monday, May 24, 2010

Independentmami goes to the Houston Zoo

Fieldtrips are a very important part of a school lesson plan for many teachers. When teachers are able to take kids out of the classroom and into those other enviroments, kids can learn so much more. Some classrooms are not equipped with enought classroom tools, that is why they take fieldtrips to different places. I know when I was growing up I loved going on fieldtrips. My parents always worked and were not able to take us to these palces. My first experience at most of these places was with a teacher and my classmates. Unfortunately alot of classrooms, and schools don't have fieldtrips in their budgets. Sometimes parents don't have money to pay to take the kids to these places either. Lunchables is giving away 50 fieldtrips nationwide. All you have to do is nominate a classroom. Enter to win instantly, grab some coupons to local places, it's all there. Thanks to Lunchables for sending Independentmami and one of my readers to the Houston Zoo. We spent the day having fun and learning about all the animals. My winner is helping her brother raise his kids after a tragic accident. The kids recently lost their mother in a head on collision. All of the kids had a blast from seeing the animals, to getting wet in the sprinkler park. It was a day of adventures. But don't take my word, here are the kids...

***Disclosure-Lunchables provided Zoo tickets for admission, and Zoo bucks for food for our wonderful fieldtrip. I received a Sony digicam in order to record our field trip. No monetary compensation was provided. These are our honest opinions.

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My Timeless Blessings said...

Thank you lunchables for the opportunity to share this experience with independentmami! We had a wonderful day at the zoo!