Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful creatures cd

Beautiful Creatures Cd

Imvubu the happiest Hippo
Lucas the lazy Lion
Zee Bee Dee Bee Dee
Wallace the wondrous warthog (King of the pigs)
Lorenzo the luckiest Lizard
Down comes the rain
Beautiful Creatures
The Night Song
African Lullabye

If you are looking for kiddie music for your little ones, this is the cd for you. The songs are too cute. The songs are great for singalongs. The cd has great beats to move to too. I recommend getting this cd for your kids.

About Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures was formed in South Africa in November 2004 by Alan Glass, Ed Jordan and Paul Choritz who felt there was a need for "Parent Friendly" children's music. Using the best session musicians, actors and singers in the country, Beautiful Creatures prides itself on being uniquely South African with a positive global message.

The past five years has seen the Beautiful Creatures brand become a household name in South Africa, with books, clothes and toys as well as a T.V. series in development. As more and more Beautiful Creatures cds are sent overseas as gifts, the response has been overwhelming and the brand is now ready to take the world by storm! We are also now available online through Itunes, and keep in touch with twitter and facebook.

The most exciting development for the Beautiful Creatures team has been our BEAUTIFUL CREATURES STAGE SHOW ! A full stage production in partnership with producer Hazel Feldman.

In a fast paced world where parents and children have limited quality time, Beautiful Creature’s mission is to bring families together offering a uniquely South African brand with an educational and positive message.
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***Disclosure-I receive downloads of the songs for my review. No compensation was received.

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