Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introducing Maya Entertainment

About Us-
Founded by award winning filmmaker, producer, entertainment executive and entrepreneur Moctesuma Esparza, Maya Entertainment is the only Latino media content company providing full service motion picture distribution and production. Maya produces, acquires and distributes multicultural and Latino themed product for all distribution platforms throughout the world. Since its inception in 2008, Maya Entertainment has taken on a significant social goal of transforming the image and understanding of American Latinos in our society and the world through media. With a talented group of Latino Executives committed to this mission, Maya has given rise to some of the most prolific young voices in Latino entertainment today.

As a smaller company, this undertaking has presented very worthwhile challenges that have not only been the fuel to our success, but also a key element to our continued growth as an organization. This year, with the release of more than twenty films, Maya showcased the power of Latin cinema and brought to life the stories of Latinos all over the world. Likewise, in 2009 Maya’s creativity flourished with the debut of its first annual Maya Indie Film Series. A product of very seasoned knowledge of the industry and faith in the command of the Latino demographic, the film series is the first nationally branded, touring theatrical release program in the United States exclusively featuring Latino and multicultural themed motion pictures. This year Maya provided groundbreaking cinema from acclaimed filmmakers and star talent in major market theatres across the country; a feat that gave indie Latino artists a working platform they may not have otherwise been granted. This platform, we believe, is vital to the advancement of the Latino community and our work was twice recognized this year by the Imagen Foundation.

A savvy group of experienced professionals, Maya is vigilant and has a keen understanding of the Latino consumer. Thus, our team has been able to tap creative channels that not only speak to this market but allow for very strategic marketing of its efforts. Via partnerships with retail giants such as Blockbuster and Wal-Mart, Maya Home Entertainment has effectively tapped into these stores’ lucrative DVD business which accounts for 50% of the domestic market for home entertainment.

Our Mission-
Maya's mission is to create access for a new generation of authentic Latino and Multicultural voices to tell universal stories that resonate on a global level.

Check out these movies released this yr (2010):

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