Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dos y Dos on LATV

I love educational shows for our kids. So when I get information on new shows, I love passing the information along. For all those bilingual kiddos, check this show out....

Dos y Dos is the only live-cast fully bilingual Spanish/English preschool show in the world! Dos y Dos is a ground-breaking, fun, educational television series for children ages for children ages 2 through 7. Every show in the series is recorded in Spanish with several words and phrases spoken in English. This allows children to be entertained in Spanish while learning elementary words and phrases in English. Dos y Dos is designed to build skills deemed critical for early childhood development. As the cast solves the "Riddle of the day", they teach fundamental core values like sharing, helping, and the importance of teamwork. Every show has three music videos performed by the cast in Spanish, with one of those music videos performed also in English, making a total of four educational music videos per half-hour episode. As each show comes to an end, children have learned something special: sometimes it may be shapes or colors, and other times it may be about things like the weather or how to mix two colors of paint together to make a new color. Best of all, Dos y Dos truly isa bilingual masterpiece, featuring a live cast singing, dancing,entertaining and educating. Dos y Dos airs nationally on the LATV U.S. network and can be seen in 45 cities, including 19 of the top 21 Hispanic markets. Dos y Dos has begun an International roll-out and will begin airing in Puerto Rico this May (Telemundo) and will begin airing in Ecuador toward the end of 2010. Look for many more announcements in the months ahead. To find a listing of current U.S. Cities, refer to the "Where to Find Us" section on our homepage.

Each episode of Dos y Dos features a segment called, "The Word Wall." The Word Wall was created to teach basic words and short phrases in English to Spanish speaking Preschool Children. The Word Wall uses a simple but effective technique of combining pictures with their corresponding words on a two-sided panel and was developed to make learning both Spanish and English fun. Each episode of Dos y Dos teaches three (3) key words in both Spanish and English. The three words chosen are words or concepts featured during the episode itself and are designed to reinforce a preschooler's natural ability to learn multiple languages easily.

The development of "early stage" skills such as patten recognition and problem solving are combined into the world's only "Puzzle Board" where puzzle clues are put into place, allowing a preschool child the ability to solve a puzzle during a controlled time environment. The cast of Dos y Dos in front of the Puzzle Board trying to solve the "Riddle of the Day." At the start of every Dos y Dos episode, a "riddle of the day" is presented which the cast members spend the show trying to solve. Preschool children are encouraged to join Dos y Dos as they solve the riddle by finding five (5) puzzle pieces and putting them into the puzzle board. When all five puzzle pieces are in place, the puzzle reveals the answer to the "riddle of the day!" Child engagement is used throughout the show as the puzzle pieces are found and put into place.

Multicultural Acceptance: Dos y Dos features customs from around the world, the explorations of international customs, and acceptance of multiple languages. This is accomplished with the English speaking character "Foto Joe" who visits the Dos y Dos cast in every episode. While the cast speaks Spanish, Foto Joe only speaks English. Instinctively, the cast translates everything Foto Joe teaches them about his travels around the world.

Dancing and singing has been proven to be an effective conduit to learning for preschool children. Dos y Dos was developed around this powerful educational tool. One fourth (1/4) of every Dos y Dos episode is dedicated to singing, dancing and the learning it provides. Through the use of song and dance, Dos y Dos reinforces the development of preschooler eye-hand coordination, exercise, and concept development through repetitive learning. The goal of every episode is to provide preschool children the ability to learn about topics and subjects by using the most effective technique of music.

Dos y Dos was developed, designed, and produced to reinforce key character traits that preschool children need to have during their developmental years. Every episode of Dos y Dos demonstrates these key values:

Teamwork: Finding the puzzle pieces and solving the daily riddle is accomplished through teamwork of the cast.

Caring and Sharing: Dos y Dos cast members always help each other and share. The cast never asks for help from each other, it is always offered, reinforcing the character trait of kindness.

Respect: In every episode of Dos y Dos, cast members respect each other and teach through demonstration, that everyone should be respected.

***Disclosure-This is an informational post only. I did not receive any compensation for this post. All information can be found on the official web page Dos y Dos

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