Saturday, May 8, 2010

2nd Annual National Mom's Nite Out

The Galleria hosted the 2nd Annual "National Mom's Nite Out" on Thursday, May 6.

It was a nite for moms to get out, leave the kids and husbands behind. A night of pampering for all the mommas from companies like

I attended the evening with a couple of friends and fellow bloggers. When I first arrived at the event, I was kinda confused at what was going on. I was told that goodie bags would be given to the first 250 moms but instead we were offered $5 raffle tickets. Don't get me wrong the $5 raffle tickets was for a charity or fundraiser. They did have an offer to buy 3 for $10, which we took advantage of. We then headed to the free wine and bites, only to find out that hot champagne was all that was being offered. Models were in lifesize frames modeling clothes all night long. We then headed to the Sephora table to get a free make-over, only to find out all they were offering free airbrushed foundation and blush. It was different. You can do it yourself. The machine sells for $250, but doesn't the make-up attachments. Those are all sold separately. Sheila, the make-up artist working the event was wonderful. Even after she waited for an hour for a plug, she had great spirits. She did our airbrush and told us to head to the store for our eye make-up. Thanks Shelia!!
Then we headed to Tony & Guy for hair touch ups. Since I came straight from work to the event, my hair was in a headband and hair clip. Check out my hair in the picture and you tell me. I loved my hair. They did not touch up my hair. They actually styled it. Thanks Tony & Guy!!
As we waited for the music to set up, we looked around and saw that kids, and men were all hanging around. This event was suppose to be for mommies and it did not feel that way. The DJ finally got set up. And they started to announce the first raffle. We thought it was going to be 3 separate gifts but they pulled one ticket and gave that person 3 great gifts. Since the next raffle was not until 8 pm, we decided to head over into the mall and check out Sephora. The employees at Sephora were wonderful. They had two great ladies do our eye make-up. I did not catch my ladies name but I loved my make-up. Since I am looking a make-up artist for my wedding we played with my wedding colors. In the end, I loved the look she gave me. Smokey blue eyes, with Hot Selena Red lips. I loved it. My friends all had different looks and they were all great. For those of you that may not know, Sephora offer a free make-up session. You can pick one item like your eyes, and you ppick the look you want. The artist will do it for free. If you want your entire make-up done by them, it ranges but for around $50 you can get it all done like I did. Thanks Sephora!!
As we look at our watches, it was 10 til 8 pm. We headed back to the event for the last raffle. Only to find out it was all over. All the tables were being cleaned up. The raffle had already been done, and since you and to be present to win, didn't even have a chance at that. Our other friend who happen to be at the event actually won because after they called several tickets, she ended up winning. She said they started cleaning and clearing everything out way before the event was suppose to be over. When we arrived back, men were walking around with the pink bags we had to purchase a $5 ticket for.
So all in all, I loved my complete makeover done by Sephora, and Tony & Guy. I cannot tell you about the other tables that were there because I have no idea who they were or what they were offering. Also that there was a separate event going on in the same area which was exclusive ticket holders only. They had music, food, goodie bags, massages, and etc.
Thank you to Simon and Galleria for hosting the event. My personal opinion is that it could have been done better. The location was not great. But in the end I guess good company does make a night. There was very low attendance but alot of people did not know about the event. Or found out about it the same day of the event. See you at next year's.

I am Celebrating National Mom’s Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

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Set Apart Living Mama said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good time! How fun! Your hair and makeup look great!

Glenda @ Me and Mine in a Small Town