Monday, May 24, 2010

Independentmami's Miami Adventure

If you were wondering where I was, I was in Miami. I have never been to Miami and never even imagined going there. But now I can check them off my list. As I arrived and waited for the airport shuttle, Miami welcomed me with a nice Hot, Sunny Hello. My hotel was a few clocks away from the beach, and the mall. I arrived at the hotel and decided I needed to go sightseeing. I decided to walk. I went towards the sign that said Macy's. I did not know at the time that I was going opposite from the beach. I asked someone if they could tell me where the mall was at and they pointed towards the Macy's, so I figured I was going the right way. I finally decided to pull my phone out and hit the navigation button. I was looking for a bank to get some cash out. I forgot to do this before I left. Needless to say the phone took my on a scavenger hunt that led me back to the spot where I started. At one point I ended on the other side of Downtown Miami. I was leaving Downtown and I knew something was wrong. I decided to just venture on. I walked through the Museum district. I stopped and got a bite to eat. I ate sofrito, which is smashed plantain that is fried. This plate has red beans, white rice, and a rotisserie chicken. It was wonderful. I asked the waitress about the mall and she headed me in the right direction. I headed towards the opposite end. I could see the beach. It was beautiful. Two of my favorite things together, was I in heaven, the beach and the mall. I walked the mall, and checked out the view. It was all beautiful.
Day 2-I woke up early, walked to Starbucks, and registered for my tours. The first tour was a city tour which took me to Ocean Dr, and South Beach. Ocean Dr is famous for all the movies that have benn filmed there. I also got to see the places where 2 of the shows that I watch are filmed, Miami Ink and DASH. I enjoyed learning about Miami and their beautiful history. I went to Calle Ocho in Little Habana. I tried Cuban coffee, and bought some cigars for my honey. I sat with the owner and watched as the cigars were being made. Cubans love to play Dominos, as they have a park in the middle of Little Habana. Time to take a lunch break at the Marina while I wait for my boat tour. I got on the boat and saw all the islands, and learned who lived where at Star Island. Did you know that there is an island, Foster Island, that takes $175,000 membership dues and you can only get there by helicopter or boat. The rich never seem to amaze me. Later on I enjoyed some of Miami's famous night life at a Sushi Bar. They had great music, food, and drinks.
Day 3-I relax by the pool, and by the beach. I ate food at a Peruvian restaurant that was really wonderful. It was a seafood plater to die for. I hated to say goodbye to Miami but I had to come home.
Miami was a wonderful place to have fun in the sun. I walked everywhere. I have never walked all of Downtown Houston but now I can say I walked all of Downtown Miami. Something about those palm trees everywhere.

***Disclosure-Thanks to General Mills for sponsoring this trip. These are my honest opinions. I was not told or asked to write about my Miami experience but I wanted to share.
This is only Part 1 of my adventure.

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