Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Greater Good Movie Review & Giveaway

THE GREATER GOOD is a character-driven documentary that explores the cultural intersections where parenting meets modern medicine and individual rights collide with politics. The film offers parents, doctors and policy makers a safe space to speak openly, actively listen and learn from one another. Mixing verité footage, intimate interviews, 1950s-era government-produced movies and up-to-date TV news reporting, THE GREATER GOOD weaves together the stories of families whose lives have been forever changed by vaccination.

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My thoughts-First of all I have 2 kids.  A 13 year old son who I had when I was 20, and my daughter who is almost 10 months.  I received a copy of The Greater Good Movie to watch and boy was I watching.  I always thought that shots were mandatory but there are not in every state.  In Texas you can get exemptions but in some states you cannot.  I also did not really stop to think about what is in a shot.  Do you know what is in the shots you take or that are given to your children?  This movie opened my eyes to information I did not.  I do not think I was well informed about immunization at the time of me taking my kids.  I like everyone else walk in to the appointments and think everything is honky dory.  I also did not know that there is Mercury in the Flu shots we get every year.  My daughter just got her 1st flu shot and now am wondering if I should give her the second dosage-booster.  I think as parents we need more information.  If you are a parent I think this movie is a must watch for informational purposes.  Learn the facts.

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