Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Driving Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

Most moms are told exactly what to do when baby arrives, but what about while pregnant?   

Chevy is reminding moms-to-be some safe ways to drive while pregnant. Especially for mom-to-be on the go.


·         Wearing your safety belt is still the first thing anyone should do when they get into a vehicle and it doesn’t change when you're pregnant.  To properly fasten your safety belt while pregnant, pull the safety belt across your body so the shoulder strap fits directly over your shoulder and across your chest and the lap belt is located under your baby bump so it sits low and across your pelvic bone.  Pregnant women should avoid placing the lap belt directly across the tummy. And don’t put the shoulder strap behind your back – both portions of the safety belt are important in keeping you safe in the event of a crash.
·         While driving a vehicle during pregnancy, women should be sure to have the following stored in their vehicle: a towel or two, plastic bag (garbage bag works well), change of clothes and water.  This will help ensure that no matter what happens, you will be prepared in case of an emergency or if you go into labor while in the vehicle. Keep in mind it’s always good to be with someone if you are close to your due date or take a break and let someone drive for you. ·         If you are an active OnStar subscriber, advisors are available 24/7 in the case of a road side emergency, including assisting a woman in labor, contacting emergency medical help and providing directions to the nearest medical facility. 
 ·         Be sure to stay focused with both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.  Avoid talking on cell phones or other distractions like digging through your purse and never text while driving (that’s a bad idea for all drivers). , You are driving for two now and keeping you and your baby safe is key.
·         Before you bring your baby home, go to a local car seat check before the baby arrives to learn how to properly use your child restraint. 

To find a car seat check in your area or get more information on child safety, go to

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Anonymous said...

It was really difficult for me to drive when I was a pregnant woman, because I should be aware about my baby’s safety.

Britax said...

I was really scared to drive during my pregnancy, because everybody said that it makes some hazards for the baby, but after reading your article I understand anybody can drive during pregnancy if follow these safety tips.

Direct flight to Sri Lanka said...

But I think it's better to be away from driving while pregnant. Because it can effect not only for one who drives also for the baby as well.