Monday, October 22, 2012

Johnson & Johnson~Global Motherhood~Latism'12

It is almost going on a year now that my Lil Bit was still in my belly.  I am so thankful to that I received all the care I needed throughout my pregnancy and delivery.  With all my complications, almost miscarrying, and then the hemorrhaging, I am a very lucky mom to be able to hold my Lil Bit.  But I think about all the mothers out there in the world that are not as fortunate as I am.  The babies that will not have the care my baby had in the NICU.  Will they have oxygen when they can't breath?  Will they have a monitor checking to see if their little hearts stop?  Will they get the food they need to survive while their mother is not at their side?  Will they have a nurse assigned just to them like my Lil Bit did?  Will they keep them in the hospital until all their tests come out normal?  Will they even make it to a hospital?  Are there hospitals available to them?  Do you ever think how lucky we are?

Did you know that Johnson & Johnson supports Global Motherhood? 

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies touches so many people’s lives each and every day.  And they continue to help around the world through non-profit organizations.  There are so many issues affecting women and children around our world. Johnson & Johnson is helping support programs particularly focusing on the rights of mothers and on maternal and infant health.

With programs like:

Note: These photos represent a few of the many programs supported by Johnson & Johnson and its partner organizations to serve the health and well-being needs of communities and people around the world. To read more about these programs and others that help us care for those in need, please visit our website:”

-Making Childbirth Safer
Every year, 280,000 mothers die from complications in pregnancy and child birth and at least 3.1 million newborns die in the fragile first month of life. We partner with organizations around the world to help every mother and newborn survive and thrive.

I was born in El Salvador where there was not much for me or my family.  Many mothers in our family there lost their babies because they were unable to feed them.  They also had poor prenatal care, if any at all.  My mom became a mother at a very early age but overcame all of her circumstances.  Because of my mother's care, I am alive today.  She not only inspires me to be an awesome mom but to help others along the way.

This year Johnson & Johnson is the title sponsor for Latism'12 Conference in Houston, TX.  If you are attending the Latism, stop by the Johnson & Johnson suite (Arboretum II second level) to learn more.  Follow the conversation on twitter #LATISM, #InspireCare.  I will be tweeting, @independentmami. 

To learn more and to get more detailed information on how Johnson & Johnson is helping Global Motherhood, please click here.

***Disclosure-Sponsored conversation brought to you by Latina Bloggers Connect and Johnson & Johnson.  These are my own honest opinions.


Ascending Butterfly said...

I am so glad that Little Bit and you are both healthy and here to share your story! Are you going to Latism this year?

I am not going to be able to make it, too many commitments here, if you do go, please take tons of pictures and tweet alot so I can follow along with the conference from your posts!

Independentmami said...

Thank you Tracy. Yes this will be my first Latism conference attendance. I will be tweeting, please do follow!! Take care.

Devon Eyer, Johnson & Johnson said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing your inspiration. Look forward to seeing you at LATISM!

~ Devon from Johnson & Johnson