Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Behind the Scenes Secret of the Wings

As part of my wonderful trip to California in August, I was able to go behind the scenes of the Secret of the Wings. It is so amazing. It was an experience like no other. Seeing all that it takes to make a movie is so awesome.

 So you need this special pass to let you in, and pass this point NO CAMERAS.  I was able to learn how to draw, which has never happened ever.  I cannot even draw stick people.  But this lady here, sure did RITSUKO NOTANI. 

She is the great.  She showed us techinique.  And we got to pick her brain on how she came up with the different characters.  It was amazing that we started out with a blank sheet of paper and then we actually had somewhat of a drawing of Periwinkle.  I give her props, I could not do it.  From the hair to the clothes, it was all so thought of.  You go girl!!

I then got to be to practice lines and hear them back.  How awesome is that!! Me in a movie, well not really but you get it, my experience was all great.  I was so nervous.  Like I really was going to mess something up.  The mic is very intimidating to me, it always has been.  But we did it and it was so cool to hear it back.
And from the picture, you can see the fear in my eyes...Sunny Chanel looked so comfortable.  Next line

We also got to meet and greet with Fred Warter and Nickie Huai, Paul McGrath-Audio Engineer, Michael Wigert-the Producer and Peggy Holmes-the Director.

I learned how detailed the wings are.  These people are so talented.  They love their jobs and from watching the Secret of the Wings, can tell what an amazing job they did.  When talking to the Director and Producer, we were able to see their passion.  What a behind the Scenes this really was.  If you have not seen the movie, you should check it out.  I will never see another movie without wondering all it takes to create it.  Thanks to all this wonderful people for sharing with us, showing us their creativeness, and for allowing us to walk a day in their shoes, per say.

***Disclosure-This visit to the Disney Toon Studios was part of my #DisneyInHome Bloggers event.  I am a #DisneyInHome Blogger!

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