Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yes, Back to School is Here

I loved school growing up.  It was a place where I had friends, structure, and I learned so much.  I loved the first day of school the most.  The weeks before school started became the weeks of preparation.  I remember thinking what hairstyle will I rock, who will I hangout with, and OMG, how much work will I have to do this year.  The day before school started, I laid out all my new clothes, new backpack, and new supplies.  Fianlly the day came when I came on campus, saw all my friends, and everything was back to normal for me.

Fastforward to 2012, back to school time is now starting in so early.  I remember when back to school was after Labor Day.  We never went anywhere for Summer vacation and I had to wait forever for school to start back up.  Now my son complains about how fast school starts.  Oh how times have changed.  See my son goes to a charter school which I love.  It is a great school whose goal is to get every single graduating Senior accepted into a College or University.  Their motto is "We always leave a place better than it was".  His school has a totally different schedule than the schools around us.  He started school in early August when the rest of our city started the last week.  So while most of his friends where still on vacation, traveling, and having fun, he was starting school.  Anyways, let me tell you about my son's 1st day.

I, as his mom, wanted him to be excited about school starting.  Come on, 1st day, new friends, new classes, new adventures.  Nope, he was not having it.  He had a bad attitude and wanted nothing to do with being a happy person.  But here is where it all changed-

I take my son to school everyday, every morning since he was little.  He has never gotten on a school bus or had to wait outside in the rain or cold, like I did.  We left the house on time, plus the school is like 2 minutes away.  When we arrived, there was music playing.  (Olympics song, Eye of the Tiger, etc...)  The teachers were outside greeting all the students.  The Dean of students had a bull horn and was on it.  He was welcoming the students back.  If he saw someone he knew or remembered, he shouted out their name.  It was hilarious and cool to me, like a scene from a musical.  How awesome that this school was so happy to have their students back!  How welcoming!  Maybe my son was not feeling it when we left the house, but I know when his name got shouted out, and his teachers shook his hand, he started feeling it.  Back to School was back in session and all is back to normal!

Did your school do something like this?  Did you dread the 1st day like my son?  Or did you look forward to it like me? 

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Laurita said...

I have to say, I am Blessed to have gone to all GREAT schools, and yet I found myself JEALOUS while reading of your son's school! What a fabulous academic environment!

No doubt schools like his ARE leaving the world better than it was. And students like your son will effect change in our world. :)

AutismWonderland said...

I used to love going back to school - my mother was super strict so it was great to see my friends again.

And I love back to school for my son because we all need the routine!

Leslie Harris said...

That is so cool that the principal was outside shouting into his bullhorn! It's nice to see educators who really care about our children's education.

I loved the first day of school when I was a kid! I was always so excited to see my friends after our long 2-1/2 month summer vacation. And I loved showing off my new hairstyle, clothes and school supplies.

Now that I'm a mom, I'm still the same way. I think I get more excited than my kids. (I blame it on their very short 6-week summer break.) This year the first day of school for my eldest who started high school, was extra special, because for months we weren't even sure if she'd be allowed to attend. (Legal stuff & paperwork!) In the end it all worked out and it was my happiest first day of school ever!

Eva Smith said...

What a wonderful story! You son is so lucky to attend a school where the principal reaches out to the student body. I hope he is all settled in now.

Monica said...

How wonderful! You are so lucky to have a school like that near you. What a great opportunity for your son. :)