Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Freschetta® pizza team’s The Strength of 1™

Now through the end of October, 2012, the makers of Freschetta® pizza are helping to promote breast cancer awareness through their new The Strength of 1™ campaign, which includes sponsoring Bright Pink, the only national non-profit organization focusing on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, while providing support to high-risk individuals. The mission of this The Strength of 1™ initiative is to inspire everyone to realize they can make a difference in some way in the fight against breast cancer.

You too can join me and join other women taking the pledge to show you have The Strength of 1™ power within you. You can do so at

Women can also support The Strength of 1™ Thunderclap. To do so, visit, click on Explore Thunderclaps, and choose “Cause” in the drop-down menu to find The Strength of 1™ Thunderclap. Click on the “Support with Twitter” or “Support with Facebook” button to help further spread the word about this The Strength of 1™ mission.

Join the FRESCHETTA® team on Twitter to help spread the word about

The Strength of 1™ program.
1.Change your Twitter profile photo to The Strength of 1™ badge.

2.Tweet @Freschetta with how you would use $500 to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

You could win $500 - and a matching donation to Bright Pink® in your name.

How to Change Your Twitter Profile Badge

1.Click the download link beneath the badge

2.Log in to your twitter account

3.Click the icon, then click “View My Profile Page”

4.Click “Edit Your Profile”

5.Click “Choose File,” then select the file you downloaded

and click “Open”

6.Click “Done”

Winner will be announced on Twitter on October 8, 2012 at 9:30 a.m.

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  I occasionally receive compensation in the form of products for posts.   However, the opinions I share are solely my own.

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