Friday, September 28, 2012

Fitness Friday~Water

This past weekend my family and my runner's group participated in our monthly challenge-Houston Texans Running of the Bulls 5K Run.  I did not think I was going to be able to run on Sunday since I took a tumble on Saturday down our stairs.  I am ok.  I was determined and motivated and was not going to miss this run.  And if you read my Motivation Monday post, you know there is no room for excuses anymore. 
So I started out with a bruised body from the fall but I did not let that stop me.  My son has been running for his school on the Cross Country Team, runs 4 days a week, and had a meet on Saturday.  But his main goal is to always beat mom and dad.  My poor husband came home sick from work, slept for 3 hours, and was here ready to run.  We started out together, did not finish together, but the main idea is that we FINISHED! 

Anyways back to my tip this month of WATER.  Your body needs water.  Do you know how many glasses of water is recommend for you to drink on a daily basis?  It is recommened you drink 8 glasses of water everyday.  Do you want to know my tips on how I get all 8 glasses in 1 day? 
-I try to drink 1 glass of water every hour I am at work. (8-5 = 9)
-I bring a gallon of water and try to finish it all by the time I leave work.
-I place 8 highlighters on my desk, removing 1 as I drink my glasses.

Funny story-My co-worker saw that everyday I had highlighters all over my desk.  He finally stopped and asked me, what is the deal with all the highlighters.  He knows I used them alot but everyday.  I told him I was was using this as a reminder to drink my 8 glasses of water everyday.  He laughed and told me about a water bottle that does the counting for you.
-Buy a water bottle that counts for you.
-Get an app that keeps track, like MyFitnessPal

Do you track your water intake?  Have you tried any of mine?  Do you have your own suggestions? 

The main thing I keep repeating to you is find what works for you, find a buddy or start with family, and make it FUN!  My disclosure-I am not a doctor, nor do I try or pretend to be.  I am not an expert or do I pretend to know it all.  But I am sharing my experiences to encourage, motivate, and help you along the way. 


Pamela P. said...

Great idea with the highlighters! I'm always trying to drink more water but I get so busy with work stuff that I seldom meet my goal. Thanks for the inspiration!

Yvette ~ Muy Bueno said...

I drink LOTS of water and so glad I do. My mom is a HUGE water drinker and has flawless skin. H2o is so goof for you. Great job on the running! You go girl!

Peru Delights said...

The way I keep count of my water intake is drinking a glass of water as soon as I wake up, and one right before going to bed. Other than that, I drink water about 15 minutes before every meal (so there go 3 more glasses). The rest I just drink throughout the day when I'm thirsty. So sometimes I drink a little less than 8, sometimes a bit more than 8. I try not to stress about it and be strict, just go with the flow of my body ;) It works!