Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Unplugged Books

Baby Unplugged books were written by pediatrician and father of three, Dr. John S. Hutton (he also owns a children’s bookstore), Baby Unplugged is a celebration of "old-school" experiences and icons of childhood; educational not as an overt means to some baby/toddler academic end, but as a natural byproduct of a child's desire to play and connect with people and the world.  They are an antidote to the legions of screen-based curricula and gadgets marketed to make children smarter, faster, often contrary to normal development, with no evidence of efficacy.  Illustrations by artist Andrea Kang.  To-date there are seven books in the series -Pets, Yard, and Blanket were the first three out, with Book, Box, Beach, and Ball all just released mid – June.  The series was a winner of a Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal and was named a Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year.  In addition to the series, Dr. Hutton writes a supporting blog at 

  What’s the best gift for a baby or young child?
Their answer: A box.
Developed by board-certified pediatrician and store owner, Dr. John S. Hutton and veteran art educator Kelli Gleiner, inspired by equal parts science and nostalgia, blue manatee boxes™ are custom gift boxes containing selections of hand-picked children’s books, addressing the developmental needs of kids under three. Everything about them is designed to spur togetherness and creative play, from the books, to the packaging, to the box itself.
blue manatee boxes™ invite customers to think as “outside of the box” as they wish, with boxes organized into popular themes – e.g. vehicles, classics, lullaby - a Build Your Own option, and plenty of help.  The books inside are best-of-breed, deserving a place on every child’s bookshelf and fun to read over and over.   They are easy to order and customize from the tranquility of home, with a fixed price for each of three sizes – 3, 6, or 9 books - including free shipping. 

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Lil Bit received a blue manatee box and this is what was in it.  I love the concept.  It was so easy to go to online and order her box.  Once I ordered it.  I received a confirmation email.  And last night she got her box.  Inside the box was a big crayon, She really enjoyed playing with her box.  And then she sat on my lap as I read her the books.  I love the colors.  They were easy to follow.

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Sample product received for review.

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