Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Dentyne Ice Split2fit pack

Do you chew gum like I do?  I use gum to calm my nerves.  I chew it in traffic on the way in and out of work.  I use it after lunch to freshen my breath.  Yeah, I chew alot of gum.  One problem I face is not having some when I want some because I forgot in my car or forgetting it in my purse.  Another problem is girl sometimes don't like to carry purses and we were cute clothes with little pockets.  So where are we going to stick a pack of gum at?  Dentyne Ice has a wonderful solution for me.  Introducing the Dentyne Ice Split2Fit pack.
My thoughts-I love this new packaging.  I can buy one pack and split it.  One can go in my car and the other in my purse.  Also, once they are split it fits everywhere. 

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  I'm a BzzAgent and received sample to review.

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